Did Tisha Campbell’s Affair With Martin Lawrence Destroy His Show?

According to the rumor mill Tisha Campbell sure loves her co-stars.

The tea is her affair with Martin Lawrence caused the demise of his 90s sitcom, Martin. Their affair–that’s rumored to have taken a Fatal Attraction-type turn when Lawrence fell in love with her–caused a shift in the dynamics of the show. Once Campbell-Martin ended it and married Duane Martin, Lawrence became jealous. So much in fact that he retaliated by making her work life quite difficult.

The 90s most loving TV couple: Martin Payne & Gina Lawerence on Martin.

The 90s most loving TV couple: Martin Payne & Gina Lawerence on Martin.

In turn, Campbell-Martin filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Lawrence as protection. The lawsuit made it difficult for the two to film together, which led to random plot twists, and a lack of presence from the on-screen married couple. Fans reacted negatively by tuning out which made their numbers drop and Fox eventually cancelled it.

Damon Wayans & Tisha Campbell-Martin as husband & wife, Claire and Michael Kyle.

Damon Wayans & Tisha Campbell-Martin as husband & wife, Claire and Michael Kyle.

And there’s more.

According to our source, during her time on My Wife And Kids, Campbell-Martin was getting it in with co-star Damon Wayans. That’s long after her reported ongoing affair with former co-star Martin Lawrence, on the set of Martin.

 “She had to quit the Martin show because she was getting high and fucking Martin on the set. Tisha is known for fucking her co-stars. Jacky if you don’t believe me, ask Damon Wayans, said the insider.”

Last year, Campbell-Martin was accused of being in a les-bi-honest relationship with Nguyen Orange. The two allegedly vacationed to Jamaica together.

Here’s the tea being spilled:

“Duane and Tisha almost broke up because Tisha had an Asian girlfriend and Jada didn’t like her. Will and Jada didn’t like Tisha messing with Nguyen, because they don’t like swinging outside of their circle. Will put the pressure on Duane and told him to tell Tisha to get rid of Nguyen.”

Sources claim Campbell-Martin is preparing to divorce her husband, Duane Martin, after 15 years of marriage.

By Carla St. Louis (@SheWrites007)

Source: DiaryOfAHollywoodStreetKing (more)


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  1. angel ledon says:


  2. Lettie says:

    this is some real bullshit. I don’t believe any of it, but it was entertaining.

  3. JWB says:

    This is crazy and the names of her character on My Wife and Kids isn’t even right. If you can get something as simple as that wrong, how can we believe all the other info in this story?

  4. BB says:

    So Tisha Campbell-Martin played Claire Kyle(The daughter of Michael and Jay Kyle)? If so, who played Jay(The wife of Michael Richard Kyle and mother to Michael Richard Kyle Jr.(Junior), Claire, and Kady)? I’ll go ahead and answer my own questions. No, Tisha Campbell-Martin does not play Claire Kyle. She plays Jay Kyle. Claire is the second eldest child, born into the Kyle family. Facts are very important when writing an article. As mentioned by another person who commented earlier, it is hard to believe an article if the author has no knowledge of the person he/she is writing about.

    • Bosslady says:

      I Totaly Agree With BWJ Oops! Im Sorry I Meant JWB and CC,Oops! Im Sorry I Meant BB,{Lol! Just a Lil Jokey,Joke} If You Cant Get The Characters Names Correct,On Both TV Shows,Then What Make You Think Anyone Is Going To Believe This Story That Is About 16yrs Too Dam Late,The Incident On The Show Happened Back in 1997,And Your Talking about Like It Just Happen Last Week..{Lol!} And I Guess To Make The Story Even More Entertaining You Just Had To Throw Jada And Will Names In The Story.. I Guess Its True What They Say About Hollywood,You Havent Made It,Until You Been Accused Of Being,Gay,Bi,Tri,Les,Or All The Above {Lol}

  5. […] He did not enter a plea, because he was hoping people would confuse him with Martin Lawrence. […]

  6. Bosslady says:

    On Martin Her Name Was Gina Waters-Payne,Not Gina Lawrence…SMH..

  7. Mita says:

    I believe it. Damon Wayans divorced his wife all of a sudden in the middle season of My Wife and Kids. he got the goodies from Tisha and didnt wanna go back to his wife.

  8. in my opinion i dont believe any of this !!!!!!!!no one can kill you for your opinion!!!!!!!!!!!!i dont think she was no hoe and not how the story went down

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