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Is Tisha Campbell Planning to Divorce Duane Martin?

By Carla St. Louis

Black Hollywood’s B-list swingers couple maybe heading to Splitsville.

If you’re one to subscribe to the school of thought that allowing your assets to go into the red is a sign that divorce is imminent, then Duane Martin is preparing to be dumped by Tisha Campbell-Martin.

His gift to her? Leading four of his homes into foreclosure by not paying any of their mortgages so presumably she’ll be left penniless. Sources claim he’d rather give it all up than lose it to his spouse. Well played, Martin. Isn’t it nice to know that Will Smith taught his rumored boy toy a thing or two about a well-planned defense?

Let’s move on for now. I’ll spill the tea later on that topic later.

Way to give a damn about those wedding vows, Martin. Can we say ‘shady queen’? I know I can.

Here’s the tea:

“Duane has four homes in foreclosure; two in California, one in Florida, and another in New Jersey. Some cats out here in Hollywood make all their shit go into foreclosure when they’re getting ready to go through a divorce.”

This news comes on the heels that Campbell-Martin is gearing to serve him with his walking papers.

The couple was married for 15 years in what appeared to be a loving and stable union. Cracks began to appear in their marriages when Martin was accused of having an affair with long-time friend, Will Smith by the blogsphere and later nationally-syndicated media. He was later accused by Diamond Lisa Raye–a mutual friend of both men and cast mate of Smith’s TV show “All of Us”–of playing a part in the demise of her marriage to Michael Misick, Prime Minister of the Turks & Caicos.

Throughout their marriage, the blogsphere has alleged that Campbell-Martin partaked in numerous lesbian affairs. And it’s rumored that she slept with her co-stars, Damon Wayans and Martin Lawrence when she starred in each actor’s respective sitcom.

Amidst reports of Martin and Smith taking private vacations to Trinidad and Italy, rumors surfaced that the couple was divorcing–but they quickly shut it down.

Ironically, many sources cite their open marriage as the reason for their acceptance of each others alleged dalliances, as well as the leading factor in their divorce.

Source: DiaryOfAHollywoodStreetKing



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13 Responses to “Did Tisha Campbell’s Affair With Martin Lawrence Destroy His Show?”

  1. angel ledon says:


  2. Lettie says:

    this is some real bullshit. I don’t believe any of it, but it was entertaining.

  3. JWB says:

    This is crazy and the names of her character on My Wife and Kids isn’t even right. If you can get something as simple as that wrong, how can we believe all the other info in this story?

  4. BB says:

    So Tisha Campbell-Martin played Claire Kyle(The daughter of Michael and Jay Kyle)? If so, who played Jay(The wife of Michael Richard Kyle and mother to Michael Richard Kyle Jr.(Junior), Claire, and Kady)? I’ll go ahead and answer my own questions. No, Tisha Campbell-Martin does not play Claire Kyle. She plays Jay Kyle. Claire is the second eldest child, born into the Kyle family. Facts are very important when writing an article. As mentioned by another person who commented earlier, it is hard to believe an article if the author has no knowledge of the person he/she is writing about.

    • Bosslady says:

      I Totaly Agree With BWJ Oops! Im Sorry I Meant JWB and CC,Oops! Im Sorry I Meant BB,{Lol! Just a Lil Jokey,Joke} If You Cant Get The Characters Names Correct,On Both TV Shows,Then What Make You Think Anyone Is Going To Believe This Story That Is About 16yrs Too Dam Late,The Incident On The Show Happened Back in 1997,And Your Talking about Like It Just Happen Last Week..{Lol!} And I Guess To Make The Story Even More Entertaining You Just Had To Throw Jada And Will Names In The Story.. I Guess Its True What They Say About Hollywood,You Havent Made It,Until You Been Accused Of Being,Gay,Bi,Tri,Les,Or All The Above {Lol}

  5. […] He did not enter a plea, because he was hoping people would confuse him with Martin Lawrence. […]

  6. Bosslady says:

    On Martin Her Name Was Gina Waters-Payne,Not Gina Lawrence…SMH..

  7. Mita says:

    I believe it. Damon Wayans divorced his wife all of a sudden in the middle season of My Wife and Kids. he got the goodies from Tisha and didnt wanna go back to his wife.

  8. in my opinion i dont believe any of this !!!!!!!!no one can kill you for your opinion!!!!!!!!!!!!i dont think she was no hoe and not how the story went down

  9. timmy black says:

    Damon was definitely clapping those cheeks…. I would of clapped em to. Dwayne martin better leave her ass , so I can find her and become her next co-star, on our show called dark vs light get it in tight. Lol

  10. Bunnzybaby says:

    When there smoke there fire this stRoy could be a strength of Truth but there is truth here.Details about will nd java hey who knows.We do know they have swong at times java by herself. Out all this though Dwayne is strong cause he stood by her through her unfaithfulness

  11. La Verne Brown says:

    Yes,Tisha did destroy Martin’s show. She should have kept it business at all times, if she couldn`t play the game. She is forever LAME.

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