Soulja Boy Wants To Go War With Lil Scrappy

Move over Meek Mills & Cassidy there’s a new beef in Hip Hop and it’s none other Soulja Boy wanting to put more than paws on Lil Scrappy.Not sure what sparked the beef other than some harsh tweets from Soulja Boy towards Lil Scrappy.It may have something to do with both men shared the same woman at some point.That woman would be none other than rapper Diamond who left Scrappy for Soulja boy as he pointed out in his tweet.

Read Below:

Screen shot 2012-12-31 at 2.33.37 PM

More shots fired then Scrappy responds..

Screen shot 2012-12-31 at 2.33.21 PM

Not sure how far this beef will go especially with Scrappy on papers…


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5 Responses to “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta Girl Fight: Erica Dixon Beats Up Shay Johnson Over Scrappy?!”

  1. jackie says:

    Ercia he is not worth it Shay you are a bitch for trying to break them up they have a child together .and that nasty ass mama needs to go find her a man and stop looking at Shay nasty ass they belong together.

  2. sonya sims says:

    i dont belive erica beat up shay lol did yall she the fight

    • Sandra August says:

      Shay needs to sit her fake looking ass down…Momma Dee needs to get her some business and get out of her son business cause Shay only got him cause Erica dismiss him and Erica should know she is desperate cause she was on flavor flav show and he didn’t want her….lol shay get a life

  3. Say Say says:

    People need to leave Shay alone, That nigga was telling her bedtime stories. Then you all want to take it out on her. Then this bias ass page and writer is sick too. Erika too, she gone start with the wrong person and get her He Man looking ass beat up. She’s pretty as is Shay they both can do better, but instead of us women sticking up for one and each other you allow these stinking men control your weak ass minds to want to down each and fight, Shay not the home wrecker, that boy is. If a man messing with another women take it up with him, he’s the problem. Silly ass women never win.

    • keke says:

      Apparently, some women don’t know their self-worth and Shay is one of them. Scrappy is 100% wrong, but on the other hand, what kind of women messes around with a man KNOWING he is involved with another women!! That is plain stupid. You are enabling that man and allowing him to cheat and at the same time making yourself look like a home wrecker. Know your self worth and stop allowing these men to make an ASS out of you!!

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