Did Mimi Faust Break Up With Boyfriend Nikko Because He’s Gay?

After dating her boo thang for less than a year, VH1′s Love And Hip-Hop Atlanta cast member Mimi Faust has given Nikko* his walking papers allegedly to return to her master true love, Stevie J.

The word on the street is Mimi Faust has broken up with her boyfriend Nikko and gotten back on Stevie J’s bus.

Memo to women: These following terms do not–I repeat do not–have the same meaning: Bottom bitch, loyal hoe, and wife. Keep that in mind whenever you’re dealing with a man. But I digress.

Although Mimi hasn’t revealed her reasoning for giving Nikko the boot, Ms. Jesus Christ Herself™ K. Michelle alluded that his sex preference as the cause to the couple’s break up.

While she’s sticking to her story that she’s NOT with Stevie J., in the season premiere episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta viewers found her asserting wife-like authority telling Stevie she’d be staying at his apartment to prevent Joseline Hernandez from interacting with her daughter.

WTF, indeed my friend.

And the plot continues to thicken as Nikko revealed he believes Mimi just pretended to be in a relationship with him for ratings.

The source added that Nikko now believes Mimi and Stevie J never really broke up — it was all a put on for the show to boost ratings. The relationship between the show’s stars, Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J is also fake.

Nikko and Mimi, who dated for less than a year, broke up last month — just in time for the new season of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.” Now Nikko feels he was used by both Mimi and the show’s producer Mona Scott-Young, pictured center with Mimi, left, and Joseline Hernandez.

“Now he knows the show is scripted; it’s not reality,” says the source who added, “Nikko feels betrayed.”

“Now he thinks [Mimi] was playing him or she’s just playing stupid,” said my source.

Share your thoughts: Was Mimi dating Nikko as a ploy or was it genuine? Do you think she’ll ever leave Stevie J.?

*You decide: Stripper, singer, or DL name?

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By Carla St. Louis (@SheWrites007)

Source: LoveAndHipHopAtlanta, SandraRose

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3 Responses to “Did Mimi Faust Break Up With Boyfriend Nikko Because He’s Gay?”

  1. Tia says:

    I believe Mimi when she says she isn’t with Stevie J. meaning having sex with him she has a daughter with him and still loves him. But she isn’t going back to him and have a sexual relations unless she knows for sure the Garbage is Gone meaning not any where in site for her or her friends to lay eyes on! She isn’t a ho not at all Joceyln is the only HO!

    • Little Miss Sunshine says:

      Women have babies with men all the time and do not go back, but learn to co parent, but this MIMI is stick on stupid

  2. vfocused says:

    Mimi may not be “with” Stevie j sexually but she is still Stupid to be around him period. Joseline may act hoish but Joseline is not Stupid. I think Joseline has real feelings for Stevie but she will do without him. Stevie just cant do without Joseline. Mimi dont have to live with Stevie for the co-parenting of his daughter. Stevie is not gon’ let something crazy happen around his daughter. Its a game to Stevie and Mimi is helping him play it. If she goes back to Stevie that is just letting him know that she is content with being on that Bus, again. I cant wait for the reunion already!!!! Mimi is so stupid in spite of the way she trys to carry herself as if she is strong and independent. She is getting paid by VH-1 she dont need him and even if she wasnt getting the checks, I would not allow my daughter to see this mess! See her mom putting up with this crap! Their daughter will be getting older and older and start to understand some things. Mimi cant be policing Stevie J and he got Joseline on one side and Che Mack on the other. GTFOH!!!!

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