DAYUM!: Did ShanRock Mop The Floor With Valentina At The Bad Girls Club Atlanta Reunion?!

Forget what you’ve heard: Oxygen Network has the ratchet quota on reality TV on lock.

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Need proof?

I give you Exhibit A: Tonight’s part one episode of the Bad Girls Club Atlanta reunion where the Nigerian Nightmare™ Valentina had her ass served to her twice by Rocky and Shannon, collectively known as ShanRock.

Get your life by fast-forwarding to the 1:18 mark, Watch: Bad Girls Club 10 Reunion (Part 1)

Needless to say, it was as well-deserved as Julie Ofcharsky multiple smackdown by Mehgan, Christina, Erika, and Andrea.

‘What made it so glorious,’ you ask?

Could it be that Valentina came dressed to impress “looking like a Egyptian princess scalawag” while Rocky and Shannon came wearing jeans, t-shirts, camouflage gear, and sneakers (read: beat-down attire)?

Or, maybe it was the fact that Valentina fell at least three times with the grace of a wild boar, at one point landing into the audience and gashing her forehead?

Or, the fact that Shannon didn’t even allow host Tanisha to finish her introduction as she ran up on Valentina and started punching her while her crew just sat there?

Well, it was everything and more because in the end, Valentina, literally shocked, humiliated, and nursing a semi-concussion(?) retreated to the dressing room and refused to participate in the reunion.

To which I say, “That’s the broad who allegedly ran the house and couldn’t stop screaming ad nauseum, ‘I’m the baddest bitch in the house?”

Girl, have plenty of seats.

Considering this all happened in the first five minutes of the actual reunion, I’m anxiously awaiting the aftermath of parts two and three.

Like I said, Oxygen Network has ratchet behavior down to a science.

Share your thoughts: Which girl are you anticipating will feel the wrath of ShanRock?

The OG: Tannisha

The OG: Tanisha


ShanRock forever.

ShanRock forever.


The newly formed Commission. Who'll fall victim to their trifecta?

The newly formed Commission. Who’ll fall victim to their trifecta?


Will she survive BGC10 reunion and not be at a receiving end of a beat-down? (Spoiler alert: No.)

Will she survive BGC10 reunion and not be at a receiving end of a beat-down? (Spoiler alert: No.)


Will The Most Insecure Woman In The World™ leave with a smirk on her face? (Spoiler alert: No.)

Will The Most Insecure Woman In The World™ leave with a smirk on her face? (Spoiler alert: No.)


Paula, you deserving a beating on just because you denounced Brooke Bailey's badness.

Paula, the troll who deserves a beat-down just because she denounced Brooke Bailey’s unquestionable badness.


Shannon vs. Valentina, Round One.

Shannon vs. Valentina, Round One.




Valentina readies for a another smackdown--this time from Rocky.

Valentina readies for a another smackdown–this time from Rocky.


Rocky vs. Valentina, Round Two.

Rocky vs. Valentina, Round Two.


A visibly traumatized Valentina.

A visibly traumatized Valentina.


Valentina, reconsidering her decision to attend the BGC10 reunion.

Valentina, reconsidering her decision to attend the BGC10 reunion.


Valentina being escorted to a hospital.

Valentina being escorted to a hospital.

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7 Responses to “DAYUM!: Did ShanRock Mop The Floor With Valentina At The Bad Girls Club Atlanta Reunion?!”

  1. YO MOMMA says:

    U r a fuccin idiot. 1st off Shannon can’t fight. She tried to jump on Valentina, still ended up with her lip busted, Rocky got a shot in but she ended up on her back. If it wasn’t for Valentina fallin she would have been straight. So shut yo goofy ass up. For the record Shan-Cock(both trannies) DID NOT sent Valentina to the hospital. 2 weak bitches that never won a fight head up. Fucc this site

    • Happy pappy says:

      That’s so funny that you’d feel this way lol. Shanrock did their thang on the reunion. The rest of y’all were whack. I wish she hit Stephanie too. Trying to act hard on the side line. Paula sounding like a damn mut she needed to be hit too. I wish someone else ran up so they could’ve been dealt with too. This whole season of chicks were ratchet except for shanrock. The true definition of Bad Girls.

  2. Tiff says:

    I would have had more respect for Shannon had she went to Valentina told her how she felt then beat her butt, a real down chick down @$$ chick dont have to catch someone off guard they will bring it off the top while they are looking, that jumping stuff is lane and people that do that or like that is lame….when you have to get the best of someone when they aren’t looking you really aint bout that life!!!

  3. HaHa says:

    I like how Val and Alecia tried to play innocent after Shannon beat the shit out of her. Val clearly said she had it out for Shannon before he reunion, so I don’t know why their trying to spin the situation in the dressing room. Good job Shannon! You beat her ass before they got the chance to jump you.

  4. LaughingLoudly says:

    Anyone who thinks Shannon beating the shit out of Valentina was wrong is a damn idiot. Valentina has bullied and attacked Shannon so many times this season it’s ridiculous! So now just because she isn’t taking anymore shit from her, people want o hate. As for her not being able to fight, she damn near knocked Valentina’s head off so get a clue. As for Rocky, she knocked her ass unstable so wtf. All I saw from Val was swinging like a maniac and one lucky land on Shannon’s lip out of about a hundred throws lol get a clue! She is a bully and I think she needed her ass whooped. She is an embarrassment to Maryland!

  5. Jay says:

    She didn’t TRY to jump on Valentina… She did it and she won. Get over it. Sure, she got a busted lip in the process, but that’s better than a busted forehead. Not to mention, Valentina did French kiss the ground. I have no sympathy for her. She and her sidekick are bullies.

  6. Happy pappy says:

    First of all everyone who says shannon bum rushed valentina is stupid because basically that’s what they did to them all season. Each fight that happened with Valentina she ran up on rocky and also jumped her. The same as alicia. Valentina was just tight because she didnt get the chance to stall off on them first. If I was shannon I would’ve done the same damn thing. Fighting has no rules especially when you’re accustom to jumping people and attacking them off guard. Good job shannon and good job rocky for being there for shannon. And as for them other ratchet chicks on the stage they are all bark no bite because everyone sat there and said what they’re gonna do to shanrock until they seen the beast come out of shannon. And Jen cocked eye self tried to run up on shannon while on the stage as well but no one addressed that. I’m glad Nicky gave it to her as well.

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