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Did JCPenny’s New Marketing Campaign Bite DJ Khaled’s “All I Do Is Win”?

It’s a proud moment in the Magic City’s history when local fixtures hit mainstream (read: Blac Chyna becoming the object of obsession in Amanda Bynes’ life).

Case-in-point, DJ Khaled’s straight-forward ode to himself, “All I Do Is Win” was appropriated for JCPenny’s social media marketing campaign on Facebook last week.

If you’ve been living in a box for the past three years, the chorus is as followed:

All I do is win, win, win no matter what

Got money on mind, I can never get enough

And every time I step up in the building

Everybody hands go up

And they stay there, and they say “yeah,” and they stay there

Up, down, up, down, up, down’

Cause all I do is win, win, win

And if you goin’ in, put your hands in the air, make ‘em stay there

The Most Simplistic Lyric Ever.

JCPenny–being a corporate giant who is in dire need of earning cool points (possibly with the hip-hop sect)–posted this message in the vein of DJ Khaled:

If all you do is pin pin, pin, pin no matter what, what, what…then you should enter our “Say Hello To My Dream Room” Pinterest Contest! Enter & see terms here:

Corny? Yes. Reaching? Very much. Best way to profit off of an already profitable and exploitable culture and music phenomenon? Er, yes.

After receiving 10,580 Likes on Facebook, it’s safe to say the Internet has spoken: DJ Khaled’s lyrics makes for great viral campaigns.


Source: Facebook

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6 Responses to “Chicago Rapper Qawmane “Young QC” Kills Mother for Financial Gain”

  1. Roycebzm says:

    Bet he thought he was gonna blow after that …lol…dummy

  2. jimmy says:

    No one wants to work and make a real living any more? These video and the life-style they dictate makes you want to no be law abiding and act if you were entitled to something you had nothing to do with.

    This is really sad to say the least.

  3. janet says:

    ignorant: may his mother (rest in peace) god don’t like ugly and what goes around comes around:

  4. Easy Dee Doo Bee says:

    Zup! Doe B budda dont key long dah wood lyk tah aminalz did to moses n shid. Fuk, bro.

  5. steven bracey says:

    If u been my peoples I would tie u to the back of my car,pour gasoline on u set to ass on fire n drag I down the road

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