Updates on Kafani’s condition and injuries


Kafani was shot 5 times, and if you don’t know that then you can read about the story by clicking on this link.  After the beef with Philthy Rich escalated to an all time high, the beef  resulted in a shooting on Seminary Ave in Oakland the other night.  Kafani was filming a video to his diss track towards Philthy Rich in his hood and was asked by an unnamed suspect to stop.  As they were packing up, the unnamed suspect opened fire on Kafani and he was rushed to the hospital by his friends to the ICU at an Oakland hospital.

More information was released today about Kafani’s injuries.  The shots hit him in the spine and the chest and it is a miracle that he is still holding on.  The doctors have pumped as much blood into him as possible and have performed many surgeries to keep him alive.  They are not sure if he will have full mobility because of the spinal injuries if he survives this tragic attack.  At this point doctors expect Kafani to pull through, however the damages could change his career for good.

Where does this leave the lingering beef? Will we hear more diss tracks or will the rappers associated with this mess lay low until his condition betters or he dies?  Hopefully bay area rappers get the hint that it is not a good idea to shoot a music video in a hood you are dissing in the song you are shooting for and hopefully no more blood is shed.  Bay Area rappers need to be working together, not blasting each other to pieces with .40 rounds.


And for all you people who haven’t heard any of his music check it out.

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  2. Jeannette says:

    I just recently got shot in my spine 6months ago. I have nerve damage n my left foot and foot drop. Sitting in the hospital at uc Davis n sac for 28days I lost all my muscle n my legs from sitting n healing just from the surgeries they had to perform. I couldn’t eat for 3weeks. I was blessed to make it and u are as well and just get ur physical therapy going once ur ready and show everybody,u feel me lol that’s what I’m tryna do I’m not back walks 100% but I’m not using a walker anymore and barley use crutches. I just felt a connection when I heard what happens n how u got hit n ur spine and chest. I took one bullet but damn 5. Going through something like this changes u.cant wait to hear more updates.

  3. […] Kafani may never walk again after being shot five times last Saturday (Sept. 28). The rapper, born Amir Ashad, remains hospitalized under critical condition and it is unclear if he will have “full mobility because of the spinal injures,” reports 24hourhiphop.com. […]

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