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Shakeisha Tyesha Thompson May Soon Be Arrested After Her Vicious Attack On Friend Goes Viral

Shakeisha Tyesha Thompson seen here in the video below may find herself back behind bars after a video of her attacking her so called friend.The attack seemed to be over the boyfriend of Sharkeisha as they called her in the video.You can here her screaming in the video about be betrayed by her old friend after she brutally attacked her.Shakeisha punched her in the face when she was not looking after a brief confrontation.It didn’t take long for the video to go viral after being posted on shock site


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10 Responses to “Shakeisha Tyesha Thompson May Soon Be Arrested After Her Vicious Attack On Friend Goes Viral”

  1. Gigi T. says:

    Is it true that the dark skinned girl killed herself?

  2. Damn man punished that hoe

  3. Bird brained, bucket headed bitch. She doesn’t get any points for a sucker punch. She deserves to be locked up. I hope the chick that got snuffed fucks her man and writes to Sharkeisha, while she’s in jail. Now that’s revenge. :)

  4. Eoooo says:

    But it’s just a bf tho. It’s not your husband. Geez. That’s evil.

  5. Monica says:


  6. Darryl says:

    Two lives gon over some b.s. Now she has to deal with some real gangsters.

  7. Abby Tho says:

    well she deserved that shit :v
    OMG i heard the punch she got i was like laughing
    but i dont see a reason to fight over a guy
    but her so call friend it a bitch

    Shakeisha you rule

  8. Marco says:

    Nigga they need da streets ain’t no rules she should of been lookin she thought it was a game until she go beef on

  9. Marie says:

    The girl who got punched committed suicide shortly after this went viral….

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