One of the most sought-out free agents on the southern hip-hop market, Ballgreezy, joins with one of the hottest DJ’s in Miami, DJ 360, for a mixtape that should set straight all the haters as well as give fans that Ballgreezy that the streets have come to love. I am really digging his style on this tape. He keeps it real and brings his own unique flavor to his music. His flow is dynamic and shows he can adapt to any beat he is given, as he proves with his rendition to Waka Flocka’s “Hard In The Paint,” or to what can be taken as his answer to Young Jeezy’s “All White Everything” with the menacing “All Black Everything” spitting lyrics like “Turn a hot summer day to a black night/Black watch, black chain wit the black ice” but what would a Ballgreezy mixtape be without a records for the clubs?  Instead of following the current trends, Greezy sticks to the style that made people love him in the first place, still seemingly so comfortable over that mic while advancing the same lyrical grit and humor with songs like “Hey Girl,” “So Amazing,” “Tonight” and the infectious club favorites “Get Like Me” and “I Love With Your Booty”. Check his perfect flow on “Milk On The Moon,” as his signature flow and confident delivery shine bright out this standout track. On this latest mixtape offering, DJ 360 and Ballgreezy definitely did what they set out to do in making “Long Time Coming” a banger of a mixtape. As usual there is so much anticipation built before each song drops that you have to put it on replay to enjoy how well everything is put together. The streets have already give Greezy the green light. Now if only these labels can stop playin’ around and give Ballgreezy the same thing…

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