Artist: Brisco
Street Album: 21 Jump Street
Label: Poe Boy/Cash Money
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Highly confident in his skills and his talent, the Opa Locka goon comes, again, to the bequest of his fans and releases the most highly-anticipated street album for the year of 2011. Brisco has always been a fan favorite, no matter the region, North, South, East, West, his character personality has become widespread and of course, with that, his material, whether mixtape or street album, adds to his collection of hits in his already vast catalog. With the amount the music that this artist has in his arsenal, it is amazing how 65% of that catalog is all hits that fans love and adore.

And now with the newest attention of the ‘21 Jump Street’ and its initial release, fans will have brand new material to absolutely enjoy and converse about for the next several months. As of now, it is fair to say that within his region, Brisco has already taken over the entire summer.

’21 Jump Street’ sounds like a personal street album from Brisco, as according to him, it was a street that he grew up around as a child. If you’re from Miami, then you know that the infamous 21 Jump Street is within the heart of Opa Locka. This whole album is a narration of different stories defining who he is and where he came from. And honestly, the production he chose meshes quite well with the pivotal lyrics that he delivers above the sound and the momentum.


And just like that, the album begins and proceeds to take you on a journey. The sampling of the original theme to the 21Jump Street from the 80’s crime-drama was a nice touch. Hearing Holly Robinson’s voice on that theme takes me way back. Bris recruited Billy Blue and Jase of Kulture Shock for the hook. The momentum between Blue and Jase is priceless. Listen to the lyrical matter as Bris begins to tell you a story.

Bitch I’m Paid

As the beat drops, you should catch yourself headnodding as the sample of Lil Wayne’s ‘Bitch I’m Paid’ slides into the hook. This is just the beginning of Brisco signature style delivery; listen to how he bounces on the track with everything that he is saying. What a better idea than sample your ceo’s coined phrase. This is playground and he beat rides, he has a lot to work with and it could have gone in any direction.


Interestingly enough, as soon as the beat drops, the reminiscent of 2Pac’s All Eyez on Me came into play. Brisco already has similar sounds to the late great 2Pac, so in essence, the beat and the phrase that’s actually part of the hook, suits the purpose. Figgie McKnight on the hook definitely adds that missing flare. Brisco spits that life of luxury with that lady right beside him.


Bris’ lyrics’ meshes quite well with this track as he makes different promises. It is a real personal song that honestly anyone can relate to. Honorable, how he gives thanks to god for his hometown of Opa Locka. This track definitely showcases his versatility and growth.

Fuck Nigga Free

The intro to this track definitely caught my attention. The acoustic guitar was an interesting rendition for this type of song, but honestly it works. The hook within itself seals the deal as it narrates another personal story. Miami up and comer Cadillac went in on this song; his delivery was definitely on point. Both artists provided that originality as they went back and forth.

Dope Boy

This is another one of tracks that caught my attention as the intro drops. The R&B hook was an interesting fit to concept to the song. It just goes to show that Brisco is versatile in all type of music sound. Mike Bless provided that harmonizing hook as Ballgreezy added his flare to the track. And as history shows, you can never go wrong with a Bris and Greezy duo collaboration. The Dope Boys definitely makes them girls crazy.

Keep It 100

This was the first single off of the street album and if you’ve listened to the track before, you can understand why it was the perfect track to introduce to the street album. Listen as R&B vocalist Charles Reed channels harmony to match the momentum of the song immaculately. And yet another authentic Brisco signature track.

By Your Side

Brisco isn’t always gritty and gangster with his music, this track proves that he can spit to the ladies as well. Ladies are definitely going to go crazy for this track. Jade provides that smooth soulful hook as Lil Wayne, yes Lil Wayne, features his talents on the track. Is it just me or is Wayne trying to channel Andre 3000 on the delivery of that verse? 


Now this is one of my all time favorite tracks on the listing. Being from Miami, personally, this is an anthem for us. Brisco’s whole first verse narrates a history of Miami music and his beginnings. “Miami, my home, my streets.”  And of course Brisco had to reach out to Ross and Billy Blue for this pivotal track. Ross rips the track as Blue adds his phenomenal signature vintage flare to fill that missing element immaculately. All three verses are storylines from each individual artist’s prospective. Hit single quality!

Welcome to the Club

When it comes to club bangers, you have to admit that Brisco is the King. Upon hit, upon hit that he’s brought us before, this is another joint. Veteran production team seriously knows Brisco’s vintage style, as the beat meshes his style with perfection. Within hours of the release of this street album, it is a certified guarantee that this track is going to rock the crowds.

Bird Boy

This track has YMCMB written all over it, an anthem for the ages. Listen as the hook rides the beat immaculately. So if Wayne is Birdman, Jr. and Weezy F. Baby, then Brisco has got to be the Bird Boy. Young Money President Mack Maine adding his talents was a great idea, but Birdman on the track just certifies the entire song. Stamped YMCMB!!

Out of My Mind

GhostWridah’s hook already murked the track, Brisco first verse adds fuel to the fire, another Brisco vintage signature style track. The bass on this track is insane alongside his explosive delivery.


Honestly, it is what it is. Goon in, goon out, Brisco is the acclaimed Opa Locka goon, so what a better idea than to insert an official Goon Anthem for his fans and the other goons that run the streets. Billy Blue went hard on the hook as he assisted his label brethren. Poe Boys are officially in the building.

All in all, this is real powerful street album. Each track is without a doubt back to back hits. I guarantee you, this is something you need to rock in your car, iPod, desktop, wherever, especially if you’re a Brisco fan. He definitely brought his A-game on this one. The lyrical content narrates stories from all over Opa Locka and around the way. The sound production is vintage Brisco and it continues to push his growth and versatility further. My opinion, cop/download this street album and ride out.

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