You should already know. Few things in hip hop are consistent. Trends come and go almost as fast as lame artists and styles. However there are some things in our culture that just don’t change. Bun B handling his duties on the mic is one of those things that will just never change. Known for his deep voiced, gangsta lyricism, Bun has spit with the best of them and has been able to stay relevant in this game for damn near 20 years.

On his newest release, Trill O.G. once again he does not disappoint.  This is the last installment in his Trill album series and in Bun’s words is his best album yet. “Trillionaire” kicks off the album and Bun has no problem tooting his own horn on this one.  “I’m puttin ego’s in check and I’m emasculatin, people stop and stare and say damn this boy is so amazing.”

Bun also expanded his beat selection on this one a little bit more, staraying from the usual bluesy guitar driven beats he’s been known to ride on. He gets on his first DJ Premier beat ever, to excellent results on “Let Em Know”. The J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League contribute two bangers as well as the late great Pimp C. In fact Pimp even makes an appearance on the album alongside another great fallen artist, Tupac, on the ghostly “Right Now”.  

The one down side to this album however is just that. There’s too many guest features! 9 of the 16 songs have other artists on them. Drake, Young Jeezy, Yo Gotti, Trey Songz, Pimp C, Tupac Raekwon, Twista, Slim Thug, and Gucci Mane all show up with Drake even being on two different songs. I knowing showing love is part of the southern rap game but at times I found myself wanting to just hear more Bun on these tracks.

Despite being a little too generous with his album time, Bun delivered on this one and does not let his longtime fans down.  Cop the album and you won’t be disappointed.