If the phrase “your only one hit away” was a slogan to live by, then the duo of Uncut and Demo definitely embody it in every sense. Backed by southen powerhouse DJ Smallz and BET The Deal’s DJ Diamond Kuts, Fort Lauderdale’s own D-League use “Almost Famous” as the backdrop to prove why they are the next to blow.  

Beat-wise, Almost Famous splits the difference between the groups crossover club bangers with their laid-back introspective razor-sharp narratives, while still maintaining that signature Broward sound that their fans have come to love; which wouldn’t have been a problem had they not stuffed all the slower numbers into the album’s midsection, pushing the more party-ready joints to the front and back ends.

Tracks like “Are You Ready” and “Champion” and stand out posse-cut “Lauderdale Star” rock and sway with the swagger of rappers from farther up north. But the dense clusters of minor-key synthesizers keep things very much D-League oriented. With an immense online buzz matching the fever on the streets, “Almost Famous” definitely continues D-League’s tradition of puttin’ on for their city through some good ol’ fashioned dagger-sharp Broward County braggadocio.

Notable joints to check out: Give It To You, Wanna Rap, Denzel, Newest In Charge, We On Dat, You Don’t See & You Made Me Wanna.