Nappy Boy DJs & Lil Fat’s of Coast2Coast Mixtapes Present Dirty South
Radio: The Tay Dizm Edition. The tape, mixed by DJ Dramatize and DJ Crazy Baby
of the Nappy Boy DJs, is Hosted by Tay Dizm himself, and features an array of
guest appearances from artists like Rick Ross, Shawnna, T-Pain, Akon,
Desloc Piccalo, Young Cash, Brisco and Billy Blue.

don’t know about ya’ll but I liked this project. Nothing but good shit can come
from a Dirty South Radio’s own DJ Dramatize and T-Pain’s protégé Tay Dizm. Standout
tracks like “Dream Girl” are cool. “Spaceship” too, but I
got tired of the beat real quick. I fuck with that “Zoom” joint
featuring the Opa-Locka Goon Brisco as well. The Goon Music CEO never
disappoints. I’m not gonna front, I bumped the shit out of “Beam Me Up”
when it first came out and watched the record grow some legs and opened some
ears. At the very least it shows the potential that Tay has commercially. The track
is catchy, with an ill bounce over a Banladesh track. My shit is “On My
Grind” with Billy Blue, it gets no realer. “Future” is cool
along with “Love You The Right Way”. DJ Dramatize keeps the mixape
moving. He stays pushing talent that needs to be heard while getting the truth
out there to the public. One of the reasons I dig this project is that I know
it’s not Tay’s best music. He’s not fallen victim to the “mixtape is
better than the album” syndrome that a ton of MCs fall victim to. It’s a
well balanced project, just enough to keep you fiendin’ for some more new shit
and that’s what a mixtape is really supposed to do. DJ Dramatize and Tay Dizim are
on their game. Rappers need to take notes.

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