The wait is over.

After much anticipation, Young Chop has released his album Finally Rich Too.

This 13-track album is full energetic tracks that are definitely going to get your blood flowing. Playing off the title of Chief Keef’s 2012 album, “Finally Rich,” Young Chop is not only featured as a rapper on this project, but he produced most of the singles on this album as well.

Young Chop

The producer behind Chief Keef’s hits “Don’t Like” and “Love Sosa” played a major role in helping this album come together. From this Young Chop was able to make sure that his Chop Squad, a collective of producers and rappers, were featured throughout this album. Other artist appearances include Johnny May Cash, King 100James, and Vic Mensa. Producers that are featured on this album include Young J on the Beat, Chop Squad DKJ, and Corey Lingo.

As this is the first album that Young Chop is releasing without the help of his close friend and colleague Chief Keef, you will be pleasantly surprised by this album.