Artist: Ghostwridah
Album: In Love With My Future
Label: LYFE/Hiram Group Inc

Once in while no matter what’s going on in the music industry you can find a “Diamond in a rough” and after listening to “In Love With My Future” that diamond is Miami’s own Ghostwridah. Grinding years before the release of his single “Red Bottoms“(Prod By: Don Cannon)even surfaced on online websites or radio airwaves Ghostwridah as seem to have strive to separate himself from other up and coming artist and create his on lane instead of following behind the pack which is clearly shown own his last critically acclaim mixtape “305’s & Heartbreaks“. But after the Buzz & Attention that “Red Bottoms” caused for Ghostwridah the next step for him was to put to together a great a album as he did with his previous mixtape. They say some people look at “Pressure” as “Inspiration” and I have a funny feeling that Ghostwridah are one of those people and used the pressure he felt living up to putting out a record such as “Red Bottoms” by backing it up with an album such as “In Love With My Future“. Setting things off with “To Be In Love” ft AG Lyonz will definitely grab listeners attention with Ghostwridah vivid bars and Producer Rem’s melodic notes which feels more like a score to a movie than an actually beat. Than there’s “Bright Lights” ft Summer J.A.E.(Prod By: Lowkey) and “Look At Me Now” ft Kirby(Prod By: Lowkey)which is so far two of my favorite records on the album followed by “Larger Than Lyfe“(Prod By: Lowkey)which has that nice “Good Life” feel to it. I think a lot of new artist try to create their own lane but fall short somewhere during the process for whatever reason and that’s why I have to highlight records such as “Release Therapy“[Futurelude] Prod By Mr. Familiar and “Crazy“(Prod By: Don Cannon). They say that all good things must come to an end so finishing things off on a high note “Welcome To Goodbye ft AG Lyonz(Prod By: Rem)fits perfectly closing things out. Other key highlights are Ridin ft Bun B(Prod By: DJ Ideal), Still Not Famous ft Mayday(Prod by: Miami Beat Wave), and “Red Bottoms(Prod By Don Cannon).

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