Fresh off of recent prison stint for probation violation, Atlanta mush mouth Gucci Mane waste no time serving his fans a follow up to The State Vs Radrick Davis. Filled with rich synth beats, laid-back cadences, chilling ad-libs and borderline basic song concepts (i.e. “Making Love to the Money,” about all the different ways Gucci tries to impregnate his Benjamins, is a goofy standout here). But The Appeal, his third official album, suggests that Gucci’s menu could use an update. Besides the Swizz Beatz-laced “Gucci Time,” the biggest change-ups here are the somewhat dull gangsta ballads: “Haterade” features Pharrell at his most insufferably crooning, and “O’Dog” makes you actually wish guest singer Wyclef would stick to politics or his own music.