On November 22nd, this scheduled masterpiece is scheduled to be released to the world. As every Yeezy album before it, this LP is highly anticipated, filled with soundtracks and bangers. Unfortunately with today’s media and leaking albums, most likely you heard most if not all the album already (Leak + Runaway video) But this what makes a great or classic album: If you can play it again and again. My Beautiful Dark twisted fantasy takes a couple listens just to understand his realm or art through music

We all heard of Monster (which launched Nicki Minaj to astronomical levels), Power, and Runaway (this track is 9 min long, basically a musical). But more tracks to hear are Gorgeous(with Kid Cudi and Raekwon), So Appalled with Jay-Z and Pusha T and Devil in a New Dress with Rick Ross. Actaully, you need the WHOLE ALBUM. Every song. Each song is a musical and all of them are fallen into place in one movie. Kanye takes his time to construct his notes delicately and bounds it with lyrical messages. He hasn’t left the 808 days but puts it with Graduation lyrics. Put Mona Lisa paintings in the mix and you have this CD. The one thing skeptical about this CD is verbal attacks of religion on certain parts of this album. Seems like Kanye stepped away from the idea of organized practices altogether. Whether it’s a diss towards God himself is another topic to dissect.

This is a must-buy and a must-listen. He involved all elements and fused into one oral painting. Considering the fact he stepped out of the game for a minute to come back with this can launch him into historical proportions. The one thing skeptical about this AllHipHop.com rated this a 5 out of 5. I can agree as well. My Fantasy now has a soundtrack.