Artist: Kendrick Lamar
Album: Section 80
Label: Top Dawg Entertainment

Using music as his gateway Kendrick Lamar has been using his voice to touch lives. Daring to be different and not follow the rest as a new artist Kendrick reminds me a bit of a California version of Nas if I had to compare him to anyone. Mixing  his personal life stories into poetry Kendrick Lamar latest project “Section 80” is slated to become future classic which is already highly anticipated. Powered by his single which was produced by another upcoming artist by the name of J.Cole “Hiii Power” along with it’s music video speaks volumes and is simply something the music industry has been lacking for a while. Available now on itunes “Section *0” is also Kendrick’s second Itunes album release since  “Overly Dedicated”.

iTunes Download Link: Section80

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