Artist: Rihanna
Label: Island/Def Jam Records

Elevating her vocals and image every album Rihanna just seems to just be getting better and better as she’s become a house hold name. I can admit that I was never a huge Rihanna fan outside of a few singles but for the last three albums she has definitely grabbed my attention. An with her latest album “Loud” I’m sure she will grab the worlds attention. Powered by incredible singles such as the uptempo/Pop “Only Girl(In The World)” to “What’s My Name” Ft. Drake which has been taking over pretty much every Urban radio station, this album has the perfect balance and something for everyone. No matter what mood your in this album seems to have a record that you can put on such as “Fading” which was produced by Pollow Da Don to “Love The Way You Lie Pt II” Ft. Eminem if your in a relationship that’s going through it’s up’s and down’s. Then there’s records like “Cheers” and “Raining Men” Ft. Nicki Minaj which I’m sure will be the new female going out anthem before heading out to the club even though “Raining Men” is very close to sounding just like Beyonce‘s “Video Phone“. On “Man DownRihanna displays her various styles and creates a beautiful R&B record mixed with an island flavor without mimicking “Rude Boy” perfectly. A few more records to check out are “Skin” and “Complicated“. The only records I truly wasn’t feeling too much are “S&M” and “California King Bed” that I’m sure ZY100 will embrace very soon.

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