Sacramento Record Label D Boy Records releases the highly anticipated new group Rude Movement and their debut album Rudeworld, a new 7 track EP and their lead single Pussy Poppin.  The new single is featuring a rip from the late and great Bernie Mac.

The strip club inspired anthem “Pussy Poppin” was inspired by the bass heavy production and their southern strip club culture roots, and they represent their southern roots on the single shouting out Birmingham, Alabama, throughout the track.

Surely a smooth anthem and one that gives you a nice energy. Just ask model Lola Baby, she debuted the single on her instagram with over 800k followers, it reviewed rave reviews, and collectively over 200k views online.

On the album there is a slew of dope tracks including the single that inspired the name of the album “Rudeworld”, which shows the artists versatility, often switching the melody’s throughout the song, and their delivery is impressive, they show you what’s possible as a group.

As quoted from All Bay Music Magazine: “They have a reminiscent sound that would make you feel like they could be a new era Three 6 Mafia. “


1. Cause I’m A
2. Rudeworld
3. Open
4. Pop That Pussy (feat. Bernie Mac)
5. Weekend Bitch
6. Wavy
7. On My Way (feat. Greengo)