Artist: Trey Songz
Album: Pain, Passion & Pleasure
Label: Atlantic Records

Coming off such a explosive third album  and no longer looked at as an underdog Trey Songz takes full advantage of being R&B’s #1 Artist right now and drops his fourth album titled Pain, Passion & Pleasure. Powered by the albums first single “Bottoms Up”, Trey Songz seems to have done it again! With a mixture of “Pain, Passion & Pleasure” this album divides up into 3 different directions and creates incredible records such as “Can’t Be Friends”(Pain), “Doorbell”(Passion) and “Unfortunate”(Pleasure). Songz also teams up with Drake on “Unusual” which is more of a uptempo record compared to the well known “Successful” from Ready”. I think what separates Trey Songz and has him as one of the music industry hottest artist is his ability to create the perfect balance of party anthems that listeners can enjoy listening to like “Alone” to bedroom songs such as “Love Faces” & “Panty Droppa”(Full Version as a iTunes Bonus).