Artist: Ya Boi Chad
Mixtape: Live Band & A Mic

A few months back I got to hear as well as see Ya Boi Chad perform for the first time at a show in Miami,FL and he definitely caught my attention while performing the catchy “Stylin’ On Em” as well as his stage presents. Powered by his manger DJ Sam Sneak and Jam Squad Ent. they recently released Chad‘s mixtape “Live Band & A Mic“. I didn’t like everything on the mixtape but I definitely picked up a few personal favorites such as “Live Band & A Mic“, “I Want You” and “Respect My Phone” which I’m sure a lot of fellas and ladies can relate too. “Chadillac Anatomy” is definitely another dope song to mention and I think Ya Boi Chad is definitely one of those new up and coming  artist to watch out for with his various styles. He seems to be creating his own lane and separates himself from other up and coming artist. Other highlights on Live Band & A Mic are records such as  “Distorted” and “Like Candy” for the ladies.

Mixtape Download Link: