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Mike Epps Caught By His Wife Being Sneaky On Twitter!

So Mike Epps was on Twitter and he tweeted a young lady by the name [email protected] They exchanged a few tweets and Mike asked her if she had an IG etc. Then he finally said “DM …

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The FAMM – Meet Trav and Johnny Chill

Today at we come across a new rap duo out of Denver called The FAMM. The group consists of Trav and Johnny Chill as two asprining rappers trying to make in the industry. We chop it up with them about how they came up with their name, where they grew up, some insight into their family life and more. Also we get to check out some The FAMM’s music videos ,and we also take a listen to their latest mixtape Vol.4 Ever About Makin Music. Check out the interview below and let us know what you think!

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