Episode two of VH-1’s Gossip Game is wrought with Ms. Drama’s smear campaign against Vivian.
I want this talking point to end now as it is repetitive, boring, and non-sensical. I ask, “How can another person’s ratchetness effect you?”
But I digress.
Somewhere in-between the pointless drama, Angela Yee does her best to play match-maker for Sharon Carpenter by introducing her to her friend, a cast member from The Wire (who isn’t Idiris Elba) and Jas Fly unknowingly redeems herself–somewhat. Shall we?
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Ms. Drama Is A History Revisionist
As Jas Fly smartly observed while Ms. Drama selectively recounted her made-for-TV beef with Vivian Billings “something in the milk ain’t clean.” Ms. Drama maintains that Vivian is as “ratchet” as they come but the woman doth protest too much. Case-in-point, her behavior, and her lack of etiquette–seen when she decided to sit with her thighs open while wearing a dress. Ms. Drama was the antagonist in their verbal altercation, hitting low blows and not really addressing her reason for attacking Vivian or answering Vivian after she explained to her that she’s changed and its rubbed her the wrong way.
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Kim Osorio & Sharon Carpenter Will Call You Out
After baring witness to Vivian and Ms. Drama’s verbal smack-down, Kim & Sharon rightfully called Ms. Drama out. Kim asked if their beef stemmed from sleeping with the same guy, while Sharon asked if their issue’s related to competition.
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Ms. Drama Is Moving Forward With Her Smear Campaign Against Vivian
Like an insecure cast member who’s mentally fighting for relevancy, at some point Ms. Drama decided the best way to etch herself into Black America’s subconscious was by 1) depicting Vivian as the antagonist which in turn paints her as the hero and 2) pinning her personality unto Vivian. This technique of destroying a reality TV star’s public persona was attempted by Evelyn Lozada on season one of Basketball Wives Miami with Royce Reed. It failed miserably. Ms. Drama’s tragic campaign comes equipped with newly-dubbed titles (she refers to Vivian as ‘Ratcheto,’ an awful attempt for a catchphrase), projecting, and the overall unspoken belief that if she continues calling Vivian “ratchet” it’ll become true. The irony is Ms. Drama defined ratchet as someone who has “no sense of self” and “a little crazy and may need to get professional help.” She’s so delusional that she doesn’t realize it relates to her. Vivian rightfully called her “dog face,” pointed out her “phoniness,”  and observed she “talks to fill a void” and “to feel important.”
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Ms. Drama Wants To Be Jas Fly
While Ms. Drama hates Vivian and doesn’t think they’re similar, she truly believes her and Jas Fly are more relatable. This is funny for two reasons: 1) Based on Vivian and Ms. Drama’s reactions they have more in common than they believe and 2) based on their writing careers, status in life, and personalities, her and Jas Fly have less in common. Case-in-point, when she misguidedly asked for a glass of moscato to calm herself lacking the training to understand that moscato is a dessert wine and wasn’t made to be consumed like white or red wine. But I digress. Her attraction to Jas lies in the fact that in terms of career she’s where she wants to be, i.e., writing for media outlets like Vibe and Necole Bitchie. That’s why she does the most in terms of reiterating to Jas in their conversations their similarities and Vivian’s differences.
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Angela Yee Hasn’t Forgotten Jas Fly’s Sneak Attack Interview
 And I’m anxiously awaiting her countermove.
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Kim Osorio Maybe A Shit Stirrer…Maybe
Despite her husband, Kino advising her the combustable element of estrogen, alcohol, beef, and opportunity, it didn’t stop her one bit in attempting to yield a truce from the dueling women. As predicted, it ended horribly. Which leaves me asking: Why did she think Yee’s birthday party was the appropriate place for these women to resolve their beef?
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K. Foxx Works In A Sexist Environment
While K. Foxx is repping Hot 97 to the fullest, her co-workers–specifically her boss, Ebro–managed to show his appreciation by subjecting her to a sexually hostile work environment. This is seen in her embarrassing interview with him, who’s simultaneously her Program Director and on-air co-hort, where he frankly interjects, “Word is you’ve seen all the rappers johnson” during in on-air interview. Again, this behavior shouldn’t be surprising considering her male co-workers general lack of respect for her. After confronting him off-air (See how she’s still attempting to be professional and giving him the benefit of doubt?), he demeans her and rebuttals, “I’ve talked about your nappy weave” before as if to diffuse her anger towards his previous  inflammatory remark. He ends their conversation with an unbelievable “I got you,” and I’ve never been more grateful for my employer’s human resources office.
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K. Foxx Is Loyal To A Fault
Thanks Mona Scott-Young for the comment that pays! Poor, K. Foxx: She’s in the same predicament as Yandy on the last season of Love & Hip-Hop, i.e., she blindly believes in her man (or in this case, men). She reps Hot 97 hard. Made painstakingly clear when she managed to make herself appear bitter and delusional when she confronted Kim on her recent article that dubbed Power 105 as the #1 station. After claiming to have never read the article, she revealed she didn’t know Hot 97’s standing in the list which is BS on all accounts. Even with all those facts she ended her argument with, “Hot 97 is winning the war.” Girl, I can’t. But from the looks of her crew’s lack of respect for her, unlike Yandy I doubt she’ll end this season with appreciation from her crew.
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Sharon Carpenter’s Stankyface Could Give Yandy A Run For Her Money
Her look of disgust is absolutely priceless.
GG 6
Jas Fly Is Not Here For Your BS
She may have the most questionable interviewing skills in the history of journalism, but Jas Fly is not here for your foolishness. Her sitdown with Ms. Drama rivaled every misbehaving kids lecture from their parents accompanied by her a pre-requisite, ‘We’re Both Black Women; When You Embarrass Yourself You Embarrass Me’ speech. And she continued shredding the friendship Ms. Drama envisioned in her mind to shreds as she stonily referred to her by her government name (“Candace”), accused her of having “no concept of self responsibility,” informed her she’s “no better than Vivian,” gave her two cents on her beef with Vivian (“I’m over being embarrassed by you. It’s not Viv; it’s you.”), and slayed her by leaving. That’s right, Jas Fly left Ms. Drama completely stunned.
What did you learn from watching Gossip Game?
By Carla St. Louis (SheWrites007)
Source: VH1