The start of the show focused largely on Raymond, whose marriage to Usher ended in ugly fashion – and who also lost her son, Kile, in a tragic boating accident. These life events took place just one years apart. Sad, I know but… Tameka kicks off the installment by inviting her friends to a “packing party,” but it’s clear she isn’t in the right state of mind to leave her home behind.

It became clear that Tameka thinks her pain trumps that of the other cast members, something that irked Torrei (Kevin Hart ex-wife).

Christina is a lot more understanding, however, possibly because she split from Cee Lo Green eight years ago and gets along pretty well with the singer.He even makes a cameo and talks to his ex-wife about her desire to date, though he isn’t very supportive and even plays some mind games with Christina. sounds a bit controlling to me.

She reminds Green that he’s seeing someone himself, but he replies cryptically, “I have someone who knows I have you.”

Ummm bye, Felicia in his case bye, Philip. Sounds to me like Green wants to date around, but doesn’t want his ex-wife to do so.

Torrei, meanwhile, met Kevin Hart (who just got engaged to girlfriend of several Eniko Parrish) and is still angry at the comedian for cheating. She admits she feels “empty” without her best friend and also misses her kids, who are with their dad. I would think it would be more to it but no. It is clear K Hart has moved on.

Monyetta, conversely, lives in the same house as Ne-Yo. Awkward!

She still has family meals with his mom and sister and is waiting for the rapper to “get right and come back” because she can’t accept they’re over. That is signs of a delusional women, clearly lil mama miss the bus to move-on-ville, But Ne-Yo’s own mother tells Monyetta not to wait too long, or she’ll become a “dried-up old granny.” Gross.

Sheree Buchanan, however, married her ex (Ray Buchanan) young and had many kids with him and is DEFINITELY prepared to move on. She was clearly on the prowl during an evening out. She also admits to liking well-endowed men. What women don’t?!

The ladies gather for a lunch, with Tameka criticizing Sheree, being openly rude about her outfit. But Sheree remains calm, even Raymond says a white bra “should be banned in all 50 states.” Can someone please remind me why Usher married this women. The punny better be that good. Ijs..

For the most part, the women all remain calm for now, likely because they know how much pain Tameka is in (rolling my eyes). But this is a reality show the Monkeyfoolishness will most likely begin and end with Tameka. Will such support really last? You have see on next week episode. I know I will.

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