The new breed of the femcee has become quite apparent as Hip-Hop continues to turn its course and reshape the way we personify the music and the content. In the heart of South Florida, one such femcee has risen from a slew of collective emcees re-inventing the style of Hip-Hop into her own rendition and definitely making her presence felt thus far. Her stage moniker is Carmen Skyy and her music is already beginning to spread across different circuits all within a short period of time. An artist with a clear love for Hip-Hop and life, she represents her own style of musical poetry. Between her radio friendly lyrical delivery and vocal talents, she tends to give you her all as the passion resonates through the speakers.

‘Backstage’ embodies conscience lyrical content fused in with a collection of eclectic beats providing that unique sound to what she describes as “life music.” Dabbling into relationship issues, love, life, and living on a mature yet posh vibe. With the release of her first single entitled ‘Glitter,’ she delivers a powerful performance as you can feel her thoughts through the seams. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself reciting her catchy hooks after hearing her songs just once or twice. Her writing also exhibits a pattern that you can definitely relate to and understand on any level. Take my word for it, this is definitely a mixtape that you need to pick up and vibe to in the car or on your headphones, you will not be disappointed. Let the music speak for itself. Guest appearances include Rheka, Giel, LaGuardia, and K. Robinson.

Notable tracks: ‘Backstage,’ ‘Daughters,’ ‘Glitter,’ ‘Epiphany,’ ‘I’m Ready,’ ‘I’m a Believer,’ ‘Zion,’ and ‘Love Defined.’

Facebook: Carmen Skyy
Twitter: @CarmenSkyy