Within a few short months, Columbus Short has been through a lot of personal and now career issues. Short was allegedly involved in a fight on March 15 while out celebrating an engagement at Gabe's Bar and Grill in Los Angeles, according to TMZ. After another partygoer made a comment to the actor about his wife, Short purportedly punched the man, leaving him unconscious and with a broken nose. Although this resulted in the alleged victim not wanting to press charges.

A few weeks later on April 7th Tuere Short, his wife called police to their home. She stated that, Columbus entered her room with a bottle of wine, pretended to hit her with the bottle and then poured the wine all over her, TMZ reports. She claimed that he then got a knife from their kitchen, pinned her down on a couch and began to choke her, another domestic violence celebrity drama. That wasn't all, Tuere also claimed he forced her to play a game called “Truth or Truth,” and allegedly threatened to stab her in the leg if she lied to him. A day later, she filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences.

This morning things just finally hit him in his pockets. If you are a fan of Scandal, like I AM, than you know the season finale left you wondering would he come back for season 4 or not. Well, he released a statement this morning letting the world know, he will NOT be coming back for season 4. Of course he did all the thank yous and what not, but by this series of unfortunate events, Columbus joins a long list of celebrities that are in serious need of counseling or a HUGE wake up call.