Memo to cheating partners everywhere: Prior to consummating your new conquest, ask yourself, “Is this worth me losing my job?”

Clearly, Coco didn’t ask herself the above mentioned question since E! Television has given her the pink slip.

Damn you AP. 9 and your affliction of dysentery of the mouth.

The honchos at E! Television found her cheating to be a major conflict with the premise of her reality TV show with husband, Ice-T, Ice Loves Coco and gave the Big Booty Judy the axe.

We’re getting word that ‘Ice Loves Coco’ may soon be cancelled over the reality program’s now noted lacking of a “wholesome wife”. That’s according to an E! Channel rep, who blames the recent cheating scandal surrounding Coco for E’s decision to scratch the show.

An insider reveals because E! execs were planning to stay clear of a ‘Girls Next Door’ image for Coco, producers weren’t happy with the decision by Ice’s wifey to sign on with ‘Peep Show.’

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Here’s what an insider had to say about the cancellation:

“We were waiting for Ice T to call us to start filming season four – But I think even if Ice was to call to get the ball rolling, network executives will pass.

‘Ice Loves Coco’ was aimed at being a family show for the E Channel. This Coco and AP.9 scandal has made the show more suited for VH1.”

So just to recap, Coco’s lost her man, critically acclaimed assets, and now television show. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s safe to say that Coco needs to be placed on suicide watch for the entirety of 2013.

By Carla St. Louis (SheWrites007)

Source: DiaryOfAHollywoodStreetKing