On last season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Kirk Frost dodged rumors of fathering his daughter’s child while his dotting wife, Rasheeda remained by his side condemning it as lies.

He’s repaid her loyalty by questioning the paternity of the couple’s unborn child on this season of Atlanta’s most shock-inducing reality show.

Isn’t matrimony grand?

Watch Kirk Frost Question The Paternity Of Rasheeda’s Baby

At the 1:21 mark viewers can watch Rasheeda have a heart-to-heart conversation with Kirk on saving money for their future as opposed to recklessly spending it for today, while the next clips find her with a sad expression on her face while she says, “I’m pregnant.”

Although the real scene-stealing moment comes at the 1:25 mark when Husband of the Year™ Kirk confronts her at the beauty salon with the grace and eloquence of a fat bastard.

He basically implies that she’s “fucking around” and demands a paternity test in the presence of a camera crew and hairstylist.

To which I say, Deb Atney hit the hammer on its head when she shared her two cents on Kirk in regards to Rasheeda’s career, and those words can easily be applied to her marriage as well.

Hmm: Isn’t it telling of Kirk’s character that he went hard for Mona-Scott Young to not discuss his alleged incestuous relationship with his daughter but he found it perfectly acceptable to accuse his wife of cheating on him on a reality TV show?

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By Carla St. Louis (SheWrites007)