On this episode of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta, apparently constantly being disrespected by her husband, Kirk Frost, has taken a toll on Rasheeda’s psyche.

She found herself in the office of Deb Atney, trying to get her, quite frankly, to ‘reconsider a bitch’ (Lil’ Scrappy©).

Wearing a Keyshia Cole-approved platinum blonde bob, Atney quietly listened as Rasheeda confided to her that she wants to move forward in promoting and managing her career sans Kirk. A move, Rasheeda admitted she was against last year but is wholeheartedly for considering Kirk’s new found attitude about reproducing.

(If you need a recap on his attitude it’s as followed: Rasheeda’s not allowed to birth his children unless it coincides with their marketing and business plans.)

Later in the episode, the audience along with Deb Atney is treated to an image that no one should ever have to endure, i.e., The Pregnant Woman In The Club™ during Rasheeda’s filming of her video.

With her milk-filled jugs tooted to Dolly Parton-levels, a four-months pregnant Rasheeda is dressed in an All Gold Everything™ lame two-piece outfit that’s not necessarily appropriate for a pregnant woman.

Within moments, Kirk unexpectedly enters to speak with his wife about their finances. The two decide to inexplicably have a conversation regarding personal issues right in front of Atney who acts like a front row spectator and watches.

It’s everything we’ve learned to expect from these two: strained, insulting, disrespectful, and filled with tension.

Some highlights:

Kirk, telling Rasheeda he’ll be removing her name from their mutual shared bank accounts because she’s spending her their funds on a video shoot.

Rasheeda, owning his ass with this rebuttal: “I’m entitled and you can ask a judge about that…”

Kirk, echoing everyone’s reaction to his reaction regarding his wife’s pregnancy: “This shit ain’t making any sense…”

Two adults over the age of 35, ending a conversation regarding their 12-plus year marriage with the consolatory and ambiguous: “You do you.”

Afterwards, what really brought this entire incident into clarity was Atney who questioned Rasheeda’s motives for her pregnancy, naming neglect as a factor and alluding to other marital issues.

Deb agrees with Kirk for once. “You want to do this so quickly, but sometimes you can do things that bring harm to yourself,” Deb says. Rasheeda feels this is what she has to do because she wants to move forward with her career and has limited time because of the pregnancy. “I don’t want this to sound F’d up,” Deb says. “Then why this?” she asks pointing to Rasheeda’s belly. “If you wanted to move forward in your career, this should’ve never happened.” Rasheeda can’t catch a break. Deb thinks the video looks horible. “Guess what else you could’ve did? Best time in the world to be in the studio.” Shooting a video and rushing music is not the way to go as far as Deb is concerned. “Save these gotd— videos to after to where you can really be sexy and you would’ve took right off.” Rasheeda listens in tears.

As always, being a reasonable woman and a simultaneous HNIC, Atney offered Rasheeda a three-plan alternative to a video shoot for a woman in her condition—i.e., focusing on promotion through fashion, magazines, and hair ventures; working on songs in the studio, and increasing the sales in her jewelry & clothing boutique.

Share your thoughts: Who else noticed Kirk’s “new” tamed persona in front of Deb? Speaking of new personalities, who else peeped Rasheeda grew two pairs of ovaries because she finally had a witness/back-up to Kirk in the form of Deb when she decided to raise her voice like an adult? Why can’t Kirk and Rasheeda communicate to each other like a civilized husband and wife?

By Carla St. Louis (@SheWrites007)

Source: VH1