As always when it comes to reality TV shows, the best beef occur via Twitter. Take for instance, VH-1’s Gossip Games, which has already pitted two rivals to the forefront and I’m not referring to obvious enemies, Ms. Drama and Vivian Billings.

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Jas Fly and Sharon Carpenter have proven to be career enemies, with Carpenter making it extremely clear in an interview with CocoaFab on the glaring differences between the two women:

She’s an up and coming journalist. I think she’s a smart woman, I think she often takes things I say the wrong way and doesn’t necessarily want to admit that I’m further along in my journalism career than she is.  We will see some of that played out on the show.  I feel like it’s a journey for all of us and it may be never ending, but for me I know I still have a long way to go, but I know I’m further along than some of the women are.  There’s nothing wrong with not being as far along as I am and I think that’s something JasFly is dealing with in regards to me.  She can be a little sensitive about that. All in all, I have nothing against her and she’s cool.  I think she’s smart and I think she’s on her way to success.

Albeit true, Carpenter’s remark rubbed Jas Fly the wrong way and the ladies participated in a rather shade-filled, comical Twitter war.  It was absolutely hilarious.

Needless to say, in the history of reading, never has the BBC been used as a source of shade.

 Gossip Game 2Gossip Game 3Gossip Game 4Gossip Game 5Gossip Game 6Gossip Game 7Gossip Game 8Gossip Game 9Gossip Game 10Gossip Game 11Gossip Game 12Gossip Game 13Gossip Game 14Gossip Game 15

To which I ask, can Mona Scott-Young inter-slice the casts Twitter beefs into the show???

But I digress.

What’s your verdict: Is Carpenter merely expressing the truth or is she throwing shade at Jas Fly?

Carla St. Louis (SheWrites007)


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Source: VH1, CocoaFab