The world knows that Kanye West has been with Kim Kardashian. They do have a little bundle on the way after all. However one question must be asked. In fact it is probably a question that should be asked by every man who has dated Kim Kardashian throughout their life. This time it applies to Kanye west. The question is that -Has Kanye West completely lost it since dating Kim Kardashian? After all, the entire world has been and is quite crazy after Kim Kardashian. Many things can happen when you start dating one for too long. Just ask Kanye West and see what can happen.


Think of some of the things that have happened to Kanye ever since he has been with Kim. There are the infidelity rumors going around and there have been also images of him wearing a leather skirt. There have also been incidents of Kanye going crazy at the paparazzi. Just recently he was spotted out with Kim at a restaurant. He got so crazy at the paparazzi that he walked right into a street sign and got a nice cut on his face. That is quite crazy thing which can happen to anybody. Imagine walking into a street sign out of anger to somebody.

Feature Story – Kanye West walks into pole and gets crazy with paparazzi


What other things have become of Kanye ever since Kim walked into his life? Bruce Jenner himself has made public comments about Kanye that have probably not made the singer happy. One comment stirred up the idea that Kanye does not spend a lot of time with the stars of Keeping up with Kim Kardashian. This has made Bruce believe there is somewhat of a red flag in the relationship. His newest album cover(s) has some covering his face with a diamond mask, and another that has a melted Jesus Piece with a red Yeezus stamp over the top of the CD.


Then to be more disrespectful he attempted his new slave’s video projection to be at the Alamo, lets not forget its his sixth studio album, and his intention was to project his new slaves video on 66 buildings across the globe!! The CD is also said to not have Jay Z on it according to the list of the album’s tracklisting leaked online. Will this lead to a break in their relationship? One will have to wait to find out.


So what does the future hold for Kanye and Kim? Will the relationship last? Will it be case of true love after all? Or will it be a casual fling? Well the world will just have to wait and see. For now it is waiting for the anticipated birth of the child. Maybe a birth will make everyone stick together after all. After all ,anything can happen when Kim Kardashian comes into play.