There are many woman that are stuck in an abusive relationship, waiting for a gleaming hope of bliss and finally, happiness.  There is a cycle of abuse that must be broken even if it is on the radar of Hollywood.  There is a feeding frenzy every time a celebrity gets into an accident, has a major surgery or even abused by the boyfriend or husband.  Rihanna isn’t immune from this behavior and the curiosity of fans and media can keep the abusive cycle alive by anticipating another slap from Chris Brown.


She has become a renowned singer, smashing the Billboards and breaking YouTube viewer records.  She creating an online following comparable to the following of Michael Jackson

Women become abused because they may have lack of resources.  These women may have a minor child and aren’t employed so they have no connection to the outside.  Women get stuck in the cycle because there is a slow response from authorities.  When authorities fail to report to the seen fast enough this will only add fuel to the already hostile fire.  Other reasons may be traditional, and women may not view divorce as an option and soon adopt the philosophy that it’s their own fault that they are abused.  It doesn’t help that the men may be manipulative and prey on the weaker minded women.


Then there is Rihanna, who was punched in the face by the infamous Chris Brown.Just because they are both music fenoms, doesn’t make this abuse and behavior acceptable by any means.  It seems like Rihanna may have made her statement of zero tolerance on abuse by standing up her on and off again flame , Chris Brown at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards. Chris arrived on the carpet flying solo without having Rihanna on his arms.  Many think it’s a publicity stunt but it may be because she is “tapping-out” for good out of the relationship.

Rihanna is a breath of fresh air and inspiration to many women around the world.  She has triumphed early in her career as a singer with American record producers Carl Sturken and Evan Rogers.  The songs “Emotion” and “Hero” launched her to a higher caliber of performance with Syndicated Rhythm Productions.  As her career evolved she met up with boyfriend, singer Chris brown who we all know was arrested for criminal threats and abuse to Rihanna.  She is now a strong woman continuing to entertain millions with her music genre and example to all.  Here ability to not let the media burry her in negative attention has proven that she will not be defeated and that she is still a valuable person to society.


Rihanna won’t stop improving her image and her class!  Her drive and passion to entertain has heaved her into the spotlight as an amazing business woman. She has her act together by representing herself as confident women.  Her singing career has evolved into a full-fledged business with MAC Cosmetics, and as of 25 May 2013, Rihanna will have her second collection of make up as a new summer edition.