Seems like the guy who did the BEEF series has another big and tragic story that is still unfolding in the Bay Area Hip Hop community. A diss song “I Swear to God” was aimed at Bay Area Rappers Kafani, Messy Marv, and DB Tha General by Oakland Rapper Philthy Rich. Not only has Philthy Rich’s “Swear to God” tracks caused major uproar in the west coast hip hop community, but it is also a BEEF that is still currently unfolding with rappers Kafani, Messy Marv, and DB Tha General.


After the record “I Swear to God” was dropped by Philthy Rich, and DB Tha General’s former Badmouth Rapper labelmate Kurt Diggler,  the diss songs went quickly viral. All of the rappers, DB tha General, Messy Marv, and even Kafani have all left diss tracks in response to the “Swear To God” record.


The response diss song “Philthy you a verse lick” by Kafani , nearly cost Kafani his life, by him trying to orchestrate  a video shoot to his diss song in Philthy Rich’s “Sem City” neighborhood. After being shot 5 times, and being paralyzed from the incident, many have wondered if he still was going to make it out of the hospital alive, and luckily two days ago Kafani posted a instagram picture of him awake in a hospital bed with the words “I love Ya’ll”.

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 10.15.29 AM

But even after this drama has occurred, rappers Messy Marv and Philthy Rich continue to go back and forth on twitter, and they have taken hip hop beef to another level, both of the artists are releasing DISS ALBUMS on each other. See album covers below! This has all escalated from one song.


What is your take on this hip hop beef? Has this beef gone too far? Tell us your opinion?