Creditable sources state that Andrea Kelly and her recent husband Brian McKee is divorcing. They also say that allegedly he is bisexual and was caught cheating. Andrea is supposedly fed up with the cheating of her new husband and calls it quits. Brain McKee was obviously much younger than her and enjoyed the same sex which Kelly says she had no clue of his sexuality. Andrea may have tied the knot with Brian all for the show!


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Andrea married Brian to give her character some interest and to create a plot for when she divorces him on Hollywood Exes.Andrea the Ex-Wife of RKelly married to boost her character on the reality show " Hollywood Exes. She continued to cry over past marriage with Rkelly and every viewer was quite bored of the sob story. Kelly took the chance to marry a younger man that is supposedly openly bisexual barber.


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What better way to capture the viewers attention by marrying a bisexual man that cheats on her with another woman. The other woman that Brian was smashing was a chubby white girl named JayLynn Umbleby. We hope that scandal and this staged marriage get the show the ratings their seeking.