Word on the street is Joseline Hernandez is headed to join the cast of the show Atlanta Housewives.Wow this should be very interesting if it holds true,Media Takeout is reporting the story so hey could be a bunch of hot air.But lets think for a minute what it would be like if ghetto ass Joseline and her accent get on the show and causes a ruckus.I can already see her  getting into it with Kenya Moore or even Porsha who both believe they are way to classy for each other let alone Joseline.There would definitely be a fight going down because Joseline loves to fight and she is down to fight anyone anytime any place,thats where her strip club background comes to life.I’m a little surprised Bravo would want Joseline on the show i thought they would opt for some one that was actually married like  Rasheeda who is married to her husband Kirk.Maybe they think Rasheeda is too boring and would not bring enough drama to the show.Either way if Joseline is selected to actually join the cast of Atlanta housewives i know me and all my girls will tune in to catch every ratchet episode.


In case you have not been able to keep up with Joseline on Love And Hip Hop Atlanta don’t worry we’ve got you covered.She’s basically been very busy with performances trying to get her music career off the ground but was very stressed about not having access to her contract with Stevie J.She was also upset Stevie J was popping up to her shows demanding money from her performances,but of course she talked her way out of paying out any money.


With his business with Joseline in jeopardy Stevie J agreed to tear up her old contract and start a new one to fix the battered relationship.I wonder if Joseline is accepted to the show Atlanta Housewives will Stevie J still be acting as her manager.If Joseline was smart she would realize some things need to be handled by professionals,and that’s no disrespect to Stevie J.He may have been the man in the past but these days it seems he is best known for making funny rat faces and being more of a womanizer than an actual business man.

Let’s be hones if you had a big money deal on the line would you feel comfortable with Stevie as your negotiator?