While Love & Hip Hop Atlanta castmates Benzino and Stevie J. are no longer besties, Benzino claim’s the root of their demised friendship stems from Joseline Hernandez’s constant mistreatment of Stevie J.

Confused? So am I, but I’ll let Benzino break it down for you.

“Stevie was the homey, but he fell off when he started to allow his broad to poke him with her fingers in his face.” – Benzino

“I’m tired of seeing Stevie getting abused by his broad.” – Benzino

Question: How can your friend’s significant other cause your friendship with said friend to collapse? Did I miss something in Friendship 101?

Unfortunately for Benzino he dry snitched on himself by revealing the real reason as to why him and Stevie J. are no longer besties. One word: Jealousy. Or, at least according to Benzino, jealousy on Stevie’s part.

“Stevie wants to control every situation but he can’t control me, he has to deal with it. My record and video ‘Smash Da Homey’ is cracking and people like it. Joseline is going to do her record and we’ll see who has the hotter track.

“Joseline gave me her number at the radio station and said, ‘Fuck Stevie; I’m fucking my trainer.’ I told her I had a hair deal and she said, ‘Let’s do it.’ – Benzino

“Stevie J is mad because he can’t come up with a hot song. I am the only man at LHHATL that has intelligence.” – Benzino

Like all adult disputes, the little girls men aired their strife on Black Twitter, 2013’s modern day version of London’s Speakers’ Corner:

Stevie J. 1 Stevie J. 2 Benzino Benzino

Share your thoughts: Based on his behavior and the levels of shade he’s throwing, does it seem like Benzino is jealous of Stevie J.? Since Benzino is such an honest and forthright friend, why didn’t he tell Stevie J. about Joseline smashing her trainer privately when he first learned about it as opposed to publicly later? Speaking of smashing other people, why did he wait to tell Stevie J. in a song that he smashed Joseline?

By Carla St. Louis (@SheWrites007)

Source: DiaryOfAHollywoodStreetKing, StraightFromTheA