Ok, so everyone knows that on the new season of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, DJ Traci Steele was skeptical of going into business with her ex, DJ Babey Drew, because of his infidelity while she was pregnant with their child & recent encounter with him and the numerous of women he claims to be “just friends”.



Every time she build up enough courage to write him the check for $25,000 to go half and invest into the business there’s always seems to be drama occurring. It had  gotten so bad to the point where her own sister warned her NOT to go into business with Drew, but being the “loyal” baby mother that she is, Traci  wrote the check.


Why Traci?? It seems like  his loyalty was too himself. And Guess what? He prove me OHHH SO right. DJ Drew claims to have “lost” the $50K that he & Traci were suppose to use to start their Sneaker Shop. Drew claimed to have a partner who was a “Scam Artist” and this “Partner” was suppose to have stolen the money. 

[I would think he would’ve done a full background research on this person before he went into business with them, but I guess that’s just me].


I hope you all have a cup to catch the rest of this Tea because this  “partner”  who supposedly ran off with the $50K…is far from being a business partner or partner in all.  This business partner is a woman who work as an exotic dancer at Magic City Strip Club in Atlanta,Ga. [Hint: Magic City + Exotic Dancer=Her job is too make guys money disappear from their pockets. Female version of David Cooperfield when it comes to money.] But Wait! Hold on! That’s not even the icing on the cake. This woman and Drew have been intimate with each other for many months now. No wonder why he was so pressed for Traci’s money.
According to a reliable source,  Drew “gave” her the money for her own personal use and it was never to be use for any investment. The woman agreed to be a consultant and help bring celebrities that she knows to the store.  She insist the money was a gift from Drew, and she was never meant to give it back.

Not only did he lose the  $50K sneaker store shoe investment monies, but he also might have  lost his primary  source of income. Rumor has it that he was fired from being Chris Brown tour DJ because he wanted to be a celebrity more than a DJ. I’m starting to think he kept the money for himself if he really did lose his job, but who knows.


But really Drew? You gave a “stripper” your baby mother’s hard earn money and you might have lost your job. That’s pretty low, but you can only fault Traci because she received plenty of warnings before the storm. I hope she take this as a lesson learned. Everyone knew it was kind of weird when he told the story about giving his “partner” the $50k, but they didn’t have a signed contract. Stevie Wonder could’ve seen that was a scam in the making. 


By: ElonKoutuure