By now we are all aware that Justin Beiber is really doing the MOST. Not only did he get arrested in Miami for drunk driving / drag racing, he's been causing havoc and breaking laws in VARIOUS countries. Justin Beiber has been the TOPIC if many conversations recently, both online and offline. I personally spoke about him on my instagram and online radio show, where a few people told me I was dead wrong, because he's JUST A KID. Well, at 19 my "Just a KID" self already had a baby, was in college, had gotten arrested for doing "Just a KID" things and learned that I had to grow up.

The issue for me has never been a black / white thing.

Yes, I know that has to factor in, but my issue is RICH vs POOR. When you see people like Chris Brown, Lindsay Lohan and many RICH others, both black and white being excused for behaviors a "regular" person would be sentenced to years in jail for, that is MY ISSUE. I am not naive to how the INJUSTICE system works, if you have MONEY you can pay for a better lawyer and that lawyer will work twice as hard, for twice as much, and keep your butt out of jail OR AS a "Public PRETENDER" usually will do what is easier or more convenient due to their massive workload.

When I heard about Justin's arrest and circumstances, my immediate thought was where is ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement). Not because I wish that on anybody, but because I know how quick Florida jails (especially Miami) are to call them on foreign citizens breaking laws. Then I said to myself, "O yea, he's rich so they must have "forgotten" to make the call." Today, I woke up and saw that ABC News Miami is reporting that there are THOUSANDS of people that want him deported to Canada.

Are the days of privileged kids getting away with stupidity because they are "misguided" coming to an end? or is "poor" Beiber out in the cold, because he just happened to be birthed across the border? I will keep an eye on this, but anyone from DADE or that has IMMIGRANT families in DADE knows that this was just an eye opener to how the rich get MUCH better treatment from authorities. MONEY IS ALL THEY SAY, not black and white, but GREEN!


* Since our write up, the White House is now forced to address this issue, over 100,000 signatures have been collected.