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More about Kelly Rowland’s Jealousy Jealousy Jealousy!

Kelly Rowland makes a song that tells the  fans and other how she felt during the split up of Destiny’s Child and what was going on. The name of this song is on her new album Talk A Good Game the name of the song is Dirty Laundry. It tells us about that she felt jealous and tired of being her fellow sister Beyonce’s shadow. Also about something no one knew, she was in a very abusive relationship that lasted decades.

This song goes on saying that the guy she was with abused her no one knew, she used to hide marks behind her black shades, using make up, turning on her fam even on Bey. “At a point she was glad she was behind of Bey’s shadow because nobody wanted to know about her shit”. (lyrics)


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The song was touching on to me, you  could hear the hurt in her voice as she sings about the past and how she felt and that no knew and her jealousy and rage she felt but she is back now and that was the past and is will be on top just like her sis Bey. After hearing the song Beyonce responded by saying it incredible and she is proud of her, that she never left from her side.