Kirk Frost of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta”, addresses everything you’ve been wondering.

Frost became the most hated man in reality TV (next too Stevie J) after he insisted that his wife of 13 years and co-star, Rasheeda, should have an abortion and ask for  DNA test because  he thinks the baby may not be his.



Lets rewind this for a moment….On Episode 6 of LHHATL,  Rasheeda confirmed her pregnancy with her husband, Kirk. Most wives expect their husband to scream for happiness or cried tears of joy, but Rasheeda receive a totally different reaction. Kirk told his WIFE of 13 years that he wasn’t ready to be a father and it’s all her fault for the pregnancy. Frost continue to state that he pulled out every time they had sex and demand a DNA because you can’t get pregnant if you pull out…WTF?!?


Sidebar:  Lol…I have to laugh at his ignorance to keep for getting upset. Kirk I can tell you skipped sex education class in high school  because you would’ve known that pulling out doesn’t work. Plus, how dare you ask your wife too get an abortion as if she’s some side piece…Get your life! Then you had the nerve to say that it’s her fault…As if it’s against the law for a wife to conceive a child by her husband.




It’s been rumored that the two have split and are headed in the direction of divorce. And who would blame Rasheeda after being subliminally called a hoe her own husband.

Kirk and Rasheeda have been OFFICIALLY together for 17 years and have been married 13 out of those 17 years.  He confirmed that he and Rasheeda have one son together, 12-year old, Ky, and Kirk has 4 other kids between the ages of 22-14.

Hmmmm…I’m not a rocket scientist nor am I a math professor, but I sure know how to add and subtract. It seems like during some point of their relationship Kirk was the one being unfaithful.






Kirk is feeling the backlash of disrespecting his wife on TV and wanted to clear the air up. He called in to WGCI’s Morning Riot show yesterday to tell what’s really going on…..He ended the interview saying he does want this child….At least now!

Here are the highlights from his interview:

On why he made the abortion comment and said the baby may not be his:

“I did say it because [having a baby] was messing with our business.  I was really pissed off.  This is my thing–A baby comes out a woman, it doesn’t come out a guy.  You don’t know where that woman’s privates been.”


On if he REALLY thinks Rasheeda cheats on him:

“Not that I know of, but she’s a rapper….I see how many people try to get at Rasheeda 24/7 and it’s been like that for years.  I see people sending bags and offers and asking if she’s still with her husband…I don’t know if she would do that though.  But there’s not a perfect person walking this earth.”


On if he’s the one cheating and that’s why he’s accusing Rasheeda of cheating:

“At that point in time, no.  (When asked if he is now) That remains to be seen.”

On if he regrets saying Rasheeda should get an abortion:

“I definitely do.  I wouldn’t have said [the abortion thing].”

On the gay rumors:

“I am nowhere near gay.”

On the status of his & Rasheeda’s marriage:

“We’re friends.  We’re still husband and wife.  But do we still have some problems to work out, yes we do.”

I respect Kirk for admitting that he was wrong for coming at his wife in a disrespectful manner, but I think he’s only apologizing to get off the women “Hate” list. He was very technical when asked the status of his marriage, “We’re friends. We are still husband and wife.” You can be legally separated from your spouse and still be husband and wife.  Kirk let’s get it together because it seem like you’re insecure about your marriage because of your own wrong doing.  My grandmother always told me, “If your spouse always accuses you of doing something wrong…It’s them! They have to blame you of something so they want feel as guilty.” Hmmmmm……

Your Thoughts: Do you all think this interview will help Kirk motives?  Can Rasheeda & Kirk save their marriage?  To all my husbands out there, should your wife ask permission to get pregnant even when you know you all aren’t practicing safe sex?

Full Interview below:

Kirk full interview with WGCI Morning Riot

Source: VH1

Source: WGCI Morning Show

By: Elon Kouture