Did you catch last night’s explosive episode of L.A. Hair on the WEtv Network? Well if you didn’t, baby you missed out. This show’s basis is the Kimble Hair Studio owned by hair extraordinaire Kim Kimble, stylist to the stars.

Last night looked like an episode of WWF smack down mixed with, meddling stylists/nail techs and the oh so juicy drama behind the gossiping of one of the fired ex-employees of this lovely establishment. 

The juice starts off with the owner Kim Kimble making an innocent kind gesture by buying Naja the nail tech and Lisa the new barber both cakes. One for Naja’s accomplishment of getting the in the Guinness Book for World records, and one for Lisa’s birthday. Sidenote: is it me or does Naja remind you of a cross between an Oompa Loompa and Viloet the blown up blueberry girl from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, lol? Anywho, Kim’s kind gesture turned into an all out brawl.

Let’s go back a little. Dontay let’s it be known that he doesn’t understand why cakes were purchased for the 2 people who don’t like each on the same day. At this point Lisa leaves the drama and heads back to her waiting client, unfortunately Naja took this as her cue to walk her rolly polly ass to go talk to Lisa who wants to hear none of it.

Lisa then confronts Naja about the things she heard she was saying behind her back, calling Lisa a man. At this point Naja doesn’t deny saying those things about Lisa and even finds it to be the right moment to tell Lisa that she see’s her adam’s apple, then all hell breaks loose, literally. Naja is taken to urgent care with a broken nail, and when I say broken I mean down to the meat. The resident gay, white stylist Anthony has scratches up and down his neck and ear from trying to stop the fight and Lisa goes back to putting her bun and makeup back in place in time to finish her client. She cleans up real well, including her cubicle. Naja left with giving Kim an ultimatum, it’s either her or Lisa, side eye!

So the question is, who will be back? Will either or both be fired? The real tea is fired ex-employee Angela is the messy gossip queen who gave Lisa the info about Naja talking crazy behind her back. I can’t wait until next week’s episode. Yes, I like a little ratchet tv, lol. See you then.

-Crawford Confidentials