Joseline is picking up on Stevie J’s game y’all and she is picking up and leaving. Yes! people she finally got off the bus. Lawd have mercy.

Good ole Steebie claim he didn’t “smash”Benzion‘s fiance Althea, the Puerto Rican Pricess isn’t buying it. Althea even admitted to Benzino that she did (maybe he should’ve coordinated his story with homegirl) before she met Benzino. Benzino is okay with it now, especially after being shot.

Y’all remember awhile ago Benzino was shot on his way to his mother’s funeral and then found out that his nephew was the shooter.

“I have a whole new lease on life,” he says to Althea. “I can’t live without you.” He is cool with Stevie J not admitting sleeping with her. Althea feels it’s uncomfortable since he doesn’t own up to it. Ultimately, they get over it and he decides to take Althea to the Sky View ferris wheel and propose to her. She says yes. He seems very very happy.




Since we in the river of denial, Lil Scrappy meets with his “friend’ Erica Pinkett to say he done fooling around and remain as “friends, friends” not friends with benefit. She brings up his flirty texts to her, he denies and beat around the bush about the text he sent(classic of course). So obviously Erica P. gets angry with him playing games with her and her emotions. He just calls her crazy and manipulative herself (not to mention he called her a bum bitch too). Angry, Erica P throws a drink at him and it gets ugly. They black out the scene, then we see them being separated by security I guess lil scrappy put them paws on her. Later, Mama Dee bring Erica flowers in sympathy to her.

Mmmm! More guilt and Mama Dee doing some damage control. But hey that just my opinion. Okay, I’m off my soap box.

It seems like Erica is still feeling scrappy and still believe he can be a better man.

“I still see him being that man one day,” Erica says tearfully. “He’s not that right now. I’ve never seen him so angry and irate. I didn’t know who he was.” (if you have notice this is a Bambi-free episode by the way.)

Well E.P. (Erica P.) I suggest you let that go and move on from the Monkeyfoolishness . Scrappy is obviously still in the same space he was last season. Remember a leopard never changes his spot….he just get better at preying on his next victim.



Since they insist on squeezing Kalenna, her husband and her lesbian lover in the storyline I guess we’ll talk about them a bit.

Kalenna Harper had brought her lesbian friend Ashley in from out of town. Her husband Tony was excluded from the proceedings in a previous episode. Now Kalenna feels Ashley is getting to clingy (“I feel like I’m sharing,” Ashley says) and distracting her from work. So she tells Ashley it’s over. Yea I know, a lil dry for lesbian love story.




Finally Tammy and Waka Flocka Flame finally make official, but without the presence of their love ones that kind of upsets Waka’s mom Debra because she would have preferred to be there. She also thinks they did this too soon after Waka’s brother committed suicide in December. But she is ultimately cool with it because she gets along with Tammy and loves her son.

Well folks, that is it for now. Stay tune for the next episode of “As Da Hood Turns”… Will Joseline really leave Stevie J? Will Scrappy ever admit he true feelings to Erica P? (Dramatic music plays in the background) Lol just kidding readers.

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