Lawd have mercy Stevie J is back at it again. Homeboy is heading back to jail again. Y’all remember a couple weeks ago when good old Steebie was locked up for drug trafficking. Well  he’s going back this time for child support.

Come on Stevie we thought you had it, Apparently not. It was reported, the one hit producer owe a little over $1 million  for his two children. Stevie initially was ordered to pay $6,5000 a month in child support back in 1999. Then a few years later the stakes were raised to $8,500 a month. Then homeboy stopped paying, I guess his kids don’t need to eat in his eyes.

All that bragging and show boating on the got him caught up.

According to TMZ reports, Stevie J hasn’t paid child support for 13 year. Dang! How he got away with that.  Straight up

So now, Atlanta Police has arrested him and he will be facing criminal charges.