Last nights “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” started in a very somber mood with Mimi Faust’s father’s passing. This just comes to show that unfortunately life doesn’t slow down when bad stuff happens. She is now standing in the mist of this sextape shit storm with appearances and interviews one after another. Benzino, against Mimi’s wishes and even with the threat of a lawsuit still puts her on the cover of his and Stevie’s magazine with Joseline as a centerfold in the same issue. I smell trouble!

On a lighter note, it seems Karlie Redd and Yung Joc finally got some new scenes from the producers of the show as their cheating storyline has fizzled out. I guess they’re trying to light that burnout candle back up, good luck with that, lol.

Yet another reality chick is starting a clothing line, what a surprise. I guess Ericka couldn’t find something new and innovative to do with her time and money. She needs to just get back with Scrappy and call it a day. NEXT! In other  drama with Kaleena and her hubby. She’s pregnant, live in a studio apartment/studio that has mold, and she let’s it be known that this will be her Hubby’s 9th child. Rasheida took the words right out of my mouth, DAMMMMNNNNNN!

Waka’s mom Deb is still on her one woman crusade NO R.I.P for her other son who committed suicide because of online bullying. Her other focus is getting grandkids from Tammy and Waka. Dang, it feels like they just said “I do”, did they even get to go on a honeymoon yet?

Now apparently Ariane and Stevie are in agreement that Mimi needs an intervention. Hmmm, why’d it take them so long to realize that. Stevie is a real asshole when it comes down to it though, anyone who can’t show remorse when someone’s loved one passes is an asshole in my book. His exact words to Mimi was “Karma is a bitch” in reference to her father’s passing. What a pig!

This episode ended with the fake, I mean real (side eye) drama with Karlie Redd, Yung Joc, and some chick Karlie refers to as Miss Piggy. We can all see where this is all going, another fight for the record books I assume. Until next time.


-Crawford Confidentals