It’s safe to say, Basketball Wives LA drama will continue into 2013. Although Draya Michele prides herself in moonlighting as an urban model, her fellow cast-mate Brooke Bailey confessed Michele’s prowess in the bedroom as her true claim to fame–not her modeling career! Ay Dios Mios! Those gworls will not let her live, will they?

According to Bailey, Michele’s short-lived relationship with singer Chris Brown is what helped her garner success within the urban modeling business and helped her land her coveted spot on their reality TV show. To which I ask, “But what of Gilbert Arenas, Brooke?” Clearly, someone is misinformed on her tea. But I digress.

As you recall, Bailey went from Draya’s bestie to all out enemy, when Draya became the ire of Brooke’s nerves in their boring plot-line for relevancy King Magazine-gate. Could this possibly be the reason for Bailey’s arbitrary confessional? I’ll let you decide.

The couple in happier times.

The couple during happier times.

Here’s the details according to Bailey (I took the liberty to decipher Bailey’s true comments underneath all of her beautiful shade):

“I always felt that Draya was a fun girl. [Translation: As in, she’s a hoe.] She’s never been a model; she’s never [been] my competition in the industry. [Translation: In terms of a real model, I am her and Draya is definitely not.] Whatever she does, that’s her business, and I respect however she gets her money; that’s cool. [Translation: Obviously, she hooks for her money, and clearly I don’t respect her.] But what I can’t respect is if you want to pop your collar, that’s cool, but bitch, don’t try to un-pop mine [Translation: Just because she’s currently feelin’ herself and her hooking money that doesn’t give her the right to be condescending towards me because need I remind her I am an urban model.] [ …] She’s done modeling — but the basis of her career started from her fucking Chris Brown. [Translation: Draya may possibly be a hooker–notice how she’s only relevant because she fucked (I refuse to say date) Chris Brown.] When you’re dating a rapper, of course you’re going to be in other people’s videos or their videos because that’s what you’re around. It doesn’t mean that you’re a model; it doesn’t mean that. [Translation: Of the videos Draya was featured in, she most likely was sleeping with said rapper]. She’s never had to audition, she’s never had to do the things that I’ve done to build my career. [Translation: I hate her because she’s never had to do the possibly seedy things I’ve had to do in order to build my career.] She didn’t have to learn protocol [Translation: She didn’t have to sleep with editors, photographers, and/or other media personnel for a chance in a magazine]. That’s why when it came to business, she fucked up.” [Translation: My lingerie line will out sell her swimwear line.]

Is Brooke saltier than a bag of Salt & Vinegar chips that Draya is considered a model? Yes. Is Brooke upset that Draya didn’t need to audition for magazines and music videos because of her fame? Yes. Does the fact that Draya dating Chris Brown helped her career accelerate take away from the fact that she’s still considered an urban model? No.

'I don't know, Brooke, this looks like a real urban model to me...'

‘I don’t know, Brooke, this looks like a real urban model to me…’

Memo to Bailey: If you wanted to blast Draya for her promiscuous past, take a lesson from Gloria Govan and just go for the direct goal. Case-in-point, Gloria’s mind-numbingly metaphorical read on her:

“My focus wasn’t on nobody but Jackie. I could see everybody else for who they were. I didn’t like Draya season 1 for scenes off camera, you guys couldn’t see. With Draya, I’m like, you’re still a slut bucket, but Draya is Draya. She does her thing. She’s like a blunt, you smoke it, you hit it, you pass it and then you toss it and then its a roach and you keep it moving. This year, she’s still the same person but she’s growing, taking ant steps, but she’s getting there. I don’t dislike Draya at all.”

Question: Is this a woman whose gloating about her hooking money or baby-sitting tips? You decide.

Question: Is this a woman whose gloating about her hooking money or baby-sitting tips? You decide.

But does it take away from what’s already been said about Draya’s nookie chronicles? Not at all. Because we mustn’t forget that Draya may or may not have been an escort prior to dating Chris Brown, a rumor which she alluded to when she allegedly mentioned Arenas paid her $20,000 for a blowjob. As the sordid details go, not only did she participate in a threesome with Fabolous and his mistress Adrienne Bailon but she also slept with Deshawn Stevens and Gilbert Arenas (allegedly within hours of each other), Amber Rose’s les-bi-honest buddy Dez, Erica Mena of Love & Hip-Hop, and Kenyon Martin. My only question: “Where was Katrina Laverne during all of this?!”

Draya Michele

Just friends? As you can see this two are completely plutonic, nothing sexual at all.

Just friends? As you can see these two are completely platonic, nothing sexual at all.

But let the source explain it:

Draya is a dirty, raggedy hoe, who buys Louboutin’s on clearance racks and flies around the country on buddy passes. Draya spends her own bread to see these Nigga’s. Dudes tell Draya to buy the ticket and they’ll refund her the cash. Poor girl still rocks a two year old Louis Vuitton bag & she f*cks for room & board. These Nigga’s got Draya staying in 3 star hotel rooms while her child is at home stepping over dog sh*t and bloody panties. Draya fucked two basketball players in one night Deshawn Stevens and Gilbert Arenas. She had threesomes with Fabolous and his little Cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon. Draya was trained by the best she got turned out by the Real Worlds dyke Aneesa and professional hoe and anal queen, Sunday Carter (Larry Hughes’ baby mama). Do you remember Amber Rose’s BFF Dez? Well Draya was doing threesomes with Dez & Dr J’s son. That’s why Chris Brown & Kenyon Martin wanted to beat her ass cuz Draya had that bacteria infection in her mouth when she was f*cking with them.”

And here’s the nitty-gritty on her relationship with Mena:

“Draya got a crew of bisexual chics and they’ll get down for the money. Draya gives good head and Erica likes it […] Next week I’ll send in pics of Draya’s get money crew. Erica talks shit about Kimbella but she’s a working girl.”

If Brooke really wanted to embarrass Draya than she should have addressed her child endangerment charge that occurred in 2011. If you need a refresher on that tragic incident, read below:

A 7-year-old Wyomissing boy was coming home from school to an empty apartment and spending nights alone while his mother worked in Philadelphia, borough police said Friday.

The boy told police that he would get off the bus most days and wait for someone to leave or enter the gated parking garage under the apartment complex in the 100 block of North Park Road so he could get into the building, police said.

His mother, Andraya “Draya” M. Howard, 25, would leave the apartment door unlocked and microwave dinners in the freezer for him, they said.

Police arrested Howard at the apartment Thursday night on a charge of endangering the welfare of a child.

She remained free on $25,000 bail after arraignment before District Judge Ann L. Young in Reading Central Court.

According to court records:

A policeman found the boy alone in a disheveled apartment Dec. 16 about 2 a.m. after the boy called 9-1-1 and told dispatchers he was home alone.

He told Patrolman Kevin M. Quinter that he called his mother’s cell phone about 20 times to find out where she was. He last spoke to her when he called her after getting off the bus. She said she was at a tanning salon and would be home soon.

The apartment looked like it had been ransacked, with women’s undergarments scattered throughout the living room. A small dog was in a cage, and dog feces and dog urine were in several places in the apartment.

While Quinter talked to the boy, the youth got a TV dinner from the freezer, stood on the counter and put it into the microwave.

Police called the boy’s grandmother, who took him home.

She said she had been watching her grandson while Howard went to her job overnight in Philadelphia, but she had not been baby-sitting the boy for a few months.

Howard, who said she worked as a model, returned home about 8:45 a.m. and police told her that her son was in the care of the county Children and Youth Services while they investigated.

Police did not know the status of the child Friday.

They charged Howard on Dec. 30, but did not immediately arrest her because she agreed to surrender to sheriff’s deputies.

When she didn’t, police went to the apartment and arrested her.

With Gloria Govan giving mad crew love to Black Wall Street and Bambi’s proclivity for Black Santa is it safe to say that the real story of Basketball Wives LA is what happens between these women’s legs? Should their show be retitled The Nookie Chronicles of LA?

By Carla St. Louis (@SheWrites007)

Source: NecoleBitchie, ReadingEagleDiaryOfAHollywoodStreetKing (here, here, here)