On this week’s very special (read: ratchet) episode of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta, Mimi Faust and Erica Dixon seek the guidance of a medium to help them understand the unrelenting problems in their lives.

Because the priestess has common sense is in touch with her third eye, she tells Mimi the same thing viewers have been screaming at their television screens since season two began.

On her current relationship:

The priestess tells Mimi she knows she has doubts about a current relationship.

On her relationship with Nikko:

“This is a foolish decision.”

What could have led ole girl to such an accurate decision? Did she peep that Nikko’s only using Mimi to land a coveted cast member spot? Could her tarot cards have shown her that Nikko does indeed take a dip in the fun boy pool like K. Michelle observed? Or, maybe they shed light on Nikko’s past life as a stick up kid in Fabolous’ brother, Paul Cain’s crew in New York? (Betcha didn’t know that tea.)

And she even gave some insight into K. Michelle’s true feelings about her:

Mimi asks about K. Michelle as well to which the priestess concludes K. Michelle doesn’t really care for her.

Afterwards, a pretty revealing conversation occurred between Mimi and Nikko which summed up her role in relationships with men.

When he says, “I think I’ve been coaching you,” she immediately cuts him off.

This sounds like another bus ordeal and Mimi’s not about that life. “Coaching me?” she asks. “Your word play sometimes is so f—-d up,” she tells him.

He half apologized. “You’ve been riding on my train,” he says which makes things even worse. “Let’s not go there with the trains and the buses and the f—g jets,” she said.

Mimi’s starting to feel what her girls are saying. He ain’t the one.

Which brings me to this point: Mimi and Joseline are in the same boat considering both of their men speak to them as if at any moment they’re liable to be sent back to their respective ho strolls.

Share your thoughts: Was the priestess right? Is Mimi’s Nikko’s very own Joseline Hernandez?

Source: VH1