Remember the film, Mean Girls?

Watch: Todrick Hall’s Hood Ass Spoof Of Mean Girls, “Mean Gurlz”

If you ever asked yourself, ‘I wonder how this film would play out if it was based in Compton?’ I have great news for you: So did Todrick Hall.

And guess what? It’d receive a rated R (for ratchet) rating.

In less than five minutes, Hall slays the teen comedy with the astute finesse of a man who truly knows hood ass Black people.

The premise is simple: Sheltered White girl submerged into ghetto Black culture. Will she survive? Hopefully, but if she doesn’t she’ll sure have some funny race-related stories to share.

The parody finds Cady, a 16-year old student from Korea attending a high school in Compton. (It’s just as unbelievable as the original film’s premise, right?)

Like every other high school in America, it’s divided by cliques.

Unlike every other school, the popular crew consists of three image-obsessed girls, LuLu, MLE (pronounced “Emily”), and Rhionyce known as the Black Barbies whom are ghetto fabulous.

Explained Cady’s walking tour guides, Denise and Damion (Gaymion?) of the Black Barbies, “They are hood royalty.”

But the real hilarity comes from Rhionyce’s introduction (“Hoodrat takes human form in Rhionyce…”) and her various claim(s) to fame: “She’s totally famous because her dad invented Just For Me perm” and “Some people say Rhionyce is Blue Ivy Carter’s god-mother.”

Other notable one-liners included:

That’s why her weave’s so big; its full of secrets.

You can’t twerk with us!

Being with the Barbz was like leaving the actual world and entering a 2Chainz video.

Well, there’s this boy in my Ebonics class named Trayquon…

And yes, I asked myself the exact same question(s): Is that Antoine Dodson at the 3:35 mark? Is MLE Imani Hakim a.k.a. Tonya from Everybody Hates Chris?

By Carla St. Louis (@SheWrites007)

Source: Buzzfeed