Ladies and gentlemen she is back! Now I know all you Tamartians tuned in Thursday night for the season 2 premier of Tamar and Vince. Last season we left off with Tamar promoting her first hit single “Love & War” and finding out about her unexpected bundle of joy. The premier of season 2 kicks of at the peak of Tamar’s pregnancy, which she is still frantically trying to hide from the public. I understand why celebs want value privacy, however, Tamar was glowing so much; one look at her spilled the beans!

Anyways Tamar and Vince head out on a four-day promotional tour to promote a new single off her upcoming album “Love & War” which actually debuted earlier this week and everyone has been raving about it. Before the tour they made a few stops to have dinner with Mr. Braxton himself and meet with the marketing team and other record label execs over at Epic, sans L.A Reid. We always loved Tamar for her witty banter and snappy catch phrases, but that additional dose of hormones in her system has her even funnier than ever. Not to mention her escalating phobia of getting a “bump bump”, commonly known as a cold sore. Did you catch what she said about people automatically assuming a girl “slobbed” if she has one? I can’t say I disagree with that statement though. Come on, lets be honest, that’s the first thing you think when you look over and see a woman with one, its okay, we all do it.  

Finally the Mr. and Mrs. make it to Chicago for the first show. We all know Tamar is exceptionally talented, so we were never worried about her performance, even though this would be the first audience to hear this new single. I believe trying to hide that belly was what had her on edge! She definitely snapped on everyone in that room before she hit that stage. Although she did her best to hide that protruding baby bump it was clearly visible, however I will give her an ‘A’ for effort. Definitely cant wait to see what how the rest of the season unfolds. Make sure you tune in EVERY Thursday at 9pm on WE TV. 


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By India Redhead ( @IndiaMaliha )