K. Michelle and Rasheeda sure dislike each other.

The Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta cast mates’ feud stems from Rasheeda’s disbelief regarding K. Michelle’s claim that Memphitz physically abused her and robbed her of her advance money.

It was assumed that Rasheeda’s loyalty to Memphitz stemmed from her friendship with his wife, Toya Wright but allegations are slowly debunking that assumption.

Sidebar: I myself pegged her as a social climber and otherwise follower but to each her own.

According to the rumor mill, Rasheeda’s blind loyalty stems from Memphitz blackmailing her!

Grasp your pearls and prepare for the tea.

Here’s the official* story: At some point, Rasheeda and Memphitz had an affair, and once K. Michelle began openly airing her past, Memphitz utilized it as leverage to threaten Rasheeda.

Memphitz reportedly told her to deny K. Michelle’s accusations or he’d tell her husband, Kirk Frost about their smash sessions.

Sidebar: This show has officially entered telenovela territory.

But I digress.

The tea according to the insider:

“Memphitz was sleeping with Rasheeda, that’s why she defended him. Plus, he threatened to tell her husband if she became friends with K Michelle. Also, he did spend all of K Michelle’s money from the record company. That’s why he got fired.”

Share your thoughts: Did this post just prove the old adage, “There’s two sides to a story” right? After this revelation, does Kirk Frost’s paternity test and abortion seem justified? If Memphitz asked Rasheeda to defend him, why did she take it one step further by slandering K. Michelle’s character? Why doesn’t Rasheeda know how to control her hoe? Or, in this case is she Memphitz’s hoe? Who else hopes this plot line makes it into next week’s episode?

*This summary is subject to change at the rumor mill’s discretion.

By Carla St. Louis (@SheWrites007)

Source: DiaryOfAHollywoodStreetKing